Weekend Reading: An Update

Welcome to Saturday, and the middle of a holiday weekend for my readers here in the U.S. 

I realize that its been an on again, off again posting/email of what used to be a weekly publication.  But with a new baby, an election, and an increasingly busy life of politics and ministry, I’ve not had the time I’d like to write about all I’m reading.  

I am hoping to continue to write, comment, and send along articles and book reviews/thoughts in the new year, but I am thinking over what arena/medium that will occur in.  I’ve used Twitter more and more as of late to convey thoughts, and I may use it in the future as a way to pass along the most relevant articles and books in a more timely manner.  But the decision to move from blogging to micro-blogging is still under consideration.

In the meantime, enjoy a few articles for now, and and updated book list (here – I’m way behind my goal!).  Hopefully in the new year I will have a more definite plan for how to steward my time on this front.


From my friend Adam J: Ben Sasse: By the Book – and whilst you’re at it, check this: Politics Can’t Solve Our Political Problems

From Ligonier: How Jesus Read the Scriptures

Where we are headed: Man, 69, sues to lower his age 20 years. He says it will help him on Tinder

Tech Review: Getting the iPad to Pro

Crazy story revisited: Mount Hood’s Deadliest Disaster

Why Are Antiques So Cheap? Because Everyone Lives in the Kitchen

Which one of these is real news?  …Harvard Adds Anti-Republican Course for Fall 2019…OR…Liberty University To Offer Course In Defending Trump At Holiday Gatherings

Fascinating stuff here: The End of Employees.

Only a slight update here, something to keep an eye on: Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020

What I’m reading today: How Loneliness is Tearing America Apart


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