About PJ Wenzel

PJ Wenzel is a follower of Christ, a writer, a teacher, a professional politico, an aspiring theologian, a Christian lay pastor, a Star Wars junkie, a father to five wonderful kids, and a husband to a loving wife.

PJ is the President of RING, a digital advertising and placement firm based in Columbus, Ohio, which offers universities, government entities, retail and other commercial groups highly precise digital marketing solutions.  He’s also a Partner at Clout Research, which is a research and polling firm based in Ohio. He has built and sold a voter contact firm, has worked on politics on three continents, and has been working on political and issue campaigns since 1994.

PJ has an Honors B.A. from the University of Toledo, a Masters in Political Management from George Washington University, and has completed about half of a Masters of Theology from the Southern Baptist Theology Seminary.


2 thoughts on “About PJ Wenzel

  1. PJ
    Long time since we’ve talked and the times we did were brief, back in DBC days. I read your (Sunday School lesson maybe) article written on John 17:1-3. Personally I really enjoy studying the Trinity and Their roles/relationship. I appreciated your article/lesson. I pray that God blesses you and uses you, to His glory!

  2. @chad – thank you for the comment brother! I don’t check this site as often as I used to, but I still keep it maintained because I’ve found that it could be a helpful resource for the church. Really good to hear from you!

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