Weekend Reading: July 18, 2014

It’s been almost perfect weather here in Columbus, so the amount of reading I did this week was minimal compared to what I normally find myself doing (I think that’s probably a good thing!). However, there are still a few good articles/videos/blogs you should check out…

Put down your phone! – In the spirit stepping away from technology a bit, here’s a music video set to poetry from a man who is pleading for us to live “real life” instead of being glued to our phones continually…he might have a point! (NOTE: I believe he has one or two swear words here in case you’re watching with kiddos)

LeBron is Back! – an interesting article from Tullian who resides in Florida and says LeBron is showing a perfect example of what grace is all about.

Your Husband Doesn’t Have to Earn Your Respect – Great blog post by Matt Walsh! (h/t Katie)

The Perfect Hamburger – The New York Times has a great article on how to make the perfect burger – thanks to Tim Challies for posting this!

Those Pesky Door to Door Mormons and JW’s – Helpful little 6min video about how to have a productive conversation with those who come-a-knockin.

I am Ryland – a very helpful blog post on the transgender issue and dealing with kids who seem middle of the road at a young age. (h/t Challies)

Confessing Adultery – a tough, but good little post by Russell Moore.  Appreciate Dr. Moore’s blog so much – he’s a great one to read on parenting and adoption, especially.

The President is Stressing the Secret Service Out – I always find these kinds of stories so interesting!

Christian Joy – R.C. Sproul has a nice article this week on the source of Christian joy. And I haven’t read this yet, but Ligonier also have what looks to be an interesting article on vocation/jobs. 

Should We Use Our Personal Testimony in Evangelism? – By way of follow up to several recent article on personal evangelism…Richard Phillips has a few things to say about this on Ligonier’s blog.

What is New Covenant Theology? – I stumbled on this old video from one of my favorite young theologians, Blake White.  It’s a short video on the distinctives of ‘New Covenant Theology.’  NCT might be called the “middle ground” that many Baptists (including myself) have taken between the ‘Dispensational’ hermeneutic and the traditional ‘Covenant Theology’ perspective.  This may seem a little deep, but the video is easy to understand…so dip your toe in the waters of theology this weekend!

That’s it!  Have a great weekend!




Weekend Reading: June 6, 2014

To readers and interested parties, we are beginning a new effort today called ‘Weekend Reading’ here at the DFL blog. The idea is to provide you with a few interesting articles from around the web/news world so that whether you’re at an all day swim meat, sipping on Saturday morning coffee, or can’t sleep Friday night, you’ll have a few articles of interest to fill you in on what’s new.

Because of the nature of my own interests and background, the articles will be mostly a mix of political, theological, christian, with a mix of fun or off the wall items from time to time.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but rather a few interesting items to check out or bookmark for later reading as you skim the headlines Saturday morning.  I expect to get help from multiple sources and friends, and want to say “thanks” in advance for those who will help keep this effort going.  Now, without further ado, here are your weekend links:

Gay Marriage and Civil Disobedience: Pastor Peter Jones has an insightful post about how Christians should be thinking and responding to the quickly evolving issue of Gay marriage and Gay rights.

 Bob Dole is WWI Vets ‘Man in DC’ – a short video about how former US Senator and GOP Presidential Nominee Bob Dole has been spending his time at the WWII memorial with vets.

The Bible Meets the Modern Age – Al Mohler has a conversation with former President Jimmy Carter about his faith, his sunday school teaching, and a few other things. This is a long read, but the audio is also available.

Fox News has some disturbing information about Bowe Bergdahl, and the Wall Street Journal has a terrifying story about the 5 Taliban captives the US set free in the Bergdahl exchange.

ChristianAudio.com is having their twice yearly sale on audiobooks – great sale to check out, many books are only $7.49. If you travel a lot or love audiobooks then this is something you won’t want to miss.

What is a Photocopier? – Hilarious new video project by the New York Times that employs actors to reenact real life depositions.  If you’re at all familiar with what deposition are normally like, then this will make you laugh out loud.

National Senate/Political Landscape – Last Sunday I gave a rundown of the national political landscape on a Cincinnati Radio program.