Weekend Reading: September 5, 2014

Well it’s the weekend again (almost), which means you’re getting the Weekend Reading email. Below are my favorite videos, news articles, blog posts and more from this past week.  There’s a lot of interesting stuff to sort through, so grab your coffee and some eggs and enjoy some of this week’s most interesting reading:

Apple’s big iphone announcement should come next week. The biggest cultural shift expected from the announcement will involve how consumers pay for stuff – think NFC tagging/leaving your wallet at home.

Probably the most alarming story of the week comes out of Eastern Europe where Russian President Putin said ‘I can take Kiev in two weeks’.  The Washington Post has an excellent opinion piece that I consider a must-read. 

Football season is here and the Wall Street Journal has an interesting graph which charts football success with academic capability. Lot’s of California schools in the right spots, along with some Big 10 appearances.

Nikki Daniel wrote an encouraging blog post about sex and marriage aimed at Christian women that’s worth skimming through. (h/t Challies)

Speaking of sex, quite some time ago Al Mohler wrote up a nice column on how J.R.R. Tolkein’s letters to his sons explains the birds and the bees. Definitely worth reading. (h/t Rod Kinsey for reminding me about this)

Joan Rivers died this week and Time did a piece on her. Best quote: “‘I succeeded,’ she said, ‘by saying what everyone else is thinking.’ Everyone else, that is, with a wicked mind and an agile tongue.”

Scientists are sifting through old ship’s manifests in order to determine climate history and stumbling on interesting stories on the way – unfortunately its an NPR story, and somehow they can make even the most fascinating story sound boring!

R.C. Sproul wrote a good article entitled, ‘Are Those Who Have Never of Christ Going to Hell?’ 

Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate Sen. Rand Paul wrote an Op-Ed this week defending his foreign policy views, and slamming President Obama for his disjoined (if non-existent) foreign policy.

Speaking of foreign policy, Michael Youssef has an excellent 5 min video explaining who ISIS is and where they came from. (h/t Tracy Lear)

Take a look at this excellent little article from Thom Rainer on why churches are moving away from “contemporary” and “traditional” style services and simply having one style of music/service.

Now before you get up to refill your coffee, check out this little video titled ‘Your Brain on Coffee’…and no, this won’t stop you from finishing the pour.

Speaking of food, if you don’t already know about PBS’s ‘The Mind of a Chef’ show, you might want to check it out on Netflix/Amazon.  We watched a few episodes at the recommendation of family (h/t Lindzey Gray and Shana Wenzel).

The Times of Israel posted the top 10 places to visit when you visit Israel – I saw 6/10 when I was there. Neat pics here. (h/t Uri Goldflam)

Heretical “Pastor” Olsteen was in the news again, this time it was Victoria Olsteen who gained some attention for proclaiming more unbiblical nonsense. Mohler’s take here, and a funny video with Bill Cosby’s reaction here. 

Speaking of funny videos, here’s a film company whose made the infamous Leroy Jenkins youtube sensation into a short film with real actors.

Clint Archer over at The Cripplegate has a fantastic article relating to Labor Day and how Christians should think about work. 

I had a wonderful time hosting my whole family over the holiday weekend, but sadness set in when they left. Here’s a post I wrote on the weekend and its aftermath titled ‘Renewing the Old Toyota.’

Speaking of holidays and school being back etc., Tim Challies wrote a funny little blog post about how he’s ready to welcome back his old friend Routine.  He also posted an interesting little video called ‘Making a Case for Books’ that’s fun to watch. 

Tim Keller discusses the disappearance of American normative Christianity, or “conservative christianity” – what Al Mohler might call “cultural christianity”. (h/t Gary Marx)

Of course one of this week’s biggest news stories was about how Hollywood A-listers and Playboy models got their iCloud photos hacked and distributed around the web. National Journal piece here on why Congress won’t get involved, and CNBC piece on how it could affect Apple. 

Speaking of hackers, Home Depot announced this week that their credit card system/database was compromised. 

If you’re into Christian reading and have never heard Francis Schaeffer, here’s your chance. Schaeffer is widely considered one of the 20th century’s greatest Christian philosophers/thinkers. He founded the L’Abri Fellowship where many other great thinkers, authors, and theologians studied or found rest for a time. Schaeffer’s grasp on art, culture, history and philosophy in addition to his sharp theological soundings make him a delight to read/listen to.

Lastly, here’s an excellent little devotional from D.A. Carson to round out your weekend!

Have a great weekend!



Weekend Reading: July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  This edition of Weekend Reading is coming to you one day early due to the holiday weekend.  You’ll probably note some lighter reading below, and I hope you enjoy all the articles, videos, and blog posts!

50 years ago today Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill.  Here’s the NYTimes front page and story.

Why Hobby Lobby Matters – Russell Moore on the importance of the Hobby Lobby decision.

Christie on Hobby Lobby – I like to document moments like this because later down the line when we weigh who should be our next President, its good to remember where they stood on important issues. I’ll let you read and judge for yourself if Gov. Christie’s reaction to the Hobby Lobby ruling is satisfactory…

43 Inconceivable Facts About the Princess Bride – if you’re a fan of these Buzzfeed lists and love the movie, then you’ll read this to the end and chuckle all the way! h/t Katie Wenzel

May You Live in Interesting Times – RC Sproul, Jr. has a terrific article that I hope you find encouraging.

Charles Krauthammer on the immigration issue – hard to argue with his point.  About a 7 min. video. Best quote, “If fences don’t work, why is there one around the White House?”

If you enjoyed the World Cup (I didn’t watch a single second of it) then likely you’ll enjoy this compilation of GIFs from Tim Howard’s 16 saves in the final (losing) effort.

What is Your Mud Pie?  – Just a fantastic article from Tim Challies who examines how C.S. Lewis’ famous quote still rings true today.

That doggon Russia! – They just vetoed the idea of filming Netflix political hit ‘House of Cards’ in the UN chamber.  Personally I’ve watched several episodes of this show and the best adjective I can think of to sum it up is “raunchy.”

Patriotic Musicals and the Church – a very thoughtful article from Trevin Wax on why younger evangelicals are uncomfortable with the church being so patriotic on the 4th. h/t Parris Payden

Why College Now? – Stephen Nichols writes a piece about taking up the torch of higher education for the next generation. What makes this blog post interesting is that he writes it from the perspective of Jonathan Edwards, and how Edwards’ father (a Harvard Alum) ended up sending his son to a brand new college (Yale) because Harvard had swerved from their original commitment to Biblical standards.

Minute Physics examines whether Legolas could really see 5 leagues away – if you’re not familiar with these videos, check them out, lots of fun!

A Story of Faithfulness – Here is a 25 minute video about how the flagship seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention was rescued from the darkness of liberalism and biblical error.

Reformation Montana – Thanks to Parris Payden who snagged links to Voddie Baucham’s 4 part series on the Christian Family.  Session 1Session 2, Session 3Session 4

Pressing on Toward Maturity – are you stuck in the same routine in your Christian walk.  Check out this sermon I preached this past week.

Four Questions to Keep Close to Your Wallet – the DG blog has a quick and helpful post that should cause us to be introspective about the way we spend our money. h/t Parris Payden

Weekend Reading: June 20, 2014

Summer is finally here (officially)!  So grab a towel and the kids and head to the pool – and keep your ipad or smartphone with you for some weekend reading.  Here are my top stories, videos, and things to check out as you kick back, or gear up for a busy weekend:

Amazon Fulfillment Center Insider’s Look – this was just a fascinating look inside Amazon’s gigantic warehouses – highly recommend you skim through this one.

HGTV cancels show due to Christian overtones – this is pretty much standard fair these days, but in case you missed it, two brothers who were stars in a brand new HGTV show titled ‘Flip it Forward’ have had their show canceled because **shockingly** they oppose muslim terrorists, abortion, and gay rights.

Disease is on the Border – if you’ve been watching the news at all lately, you’ve noticed that a flood of illegal immigrants has been amassing in Texas and Arizona. Many have come from South America via Mexico and are bringing contagious diseases with them.

Is Success Dangerous? – Jared Wilson says so, and has some good things for Christians to keep in mind.

America in a Spiritual Crisis – potential Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul said Friday that America needs revival more than it needs political leadership…I agree with him there!

Great Music from Keith and Kristyn Getty – If you attend our Thursday Lifegroup here in Dublin Ohio you’ll know we sang a new song last night from this more recent release of the Getty’s.  Check it out!

Travel by Drone! – This is a neat website where you can check out videos from cameras strapped to drones in top cities all over the world. A fun little diversion if you’re curious what Berlin or Kiev looks like from a few thousand feet above the ground.

Seeking the Face of God – this 2009 article by John Piper was helpful to me this week as I did a personal study on what it means to “seek the face” of the Lord.  One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Chron. 16:11 because it was Katie’s signature verse used to sign her love letters to me in college and reflected her desire for me to put God first – even before her.  Preview: “This setting of the mind is the opposite of mental coasting. It is a conscious choice to direct the heart toward God.”  Along similar lines, check out David Mathis’ article on ‘Bringing the Bible Home to Your Heart’ – h/t Parris Payden

My dog ate my emails – Former IRS Chief Lois Lerner’s emails seem to have disappeared, yet White House officials are unapologetic.  Go figure.

What do you do when you’re stuck in the Vegas Airport overnight? Why, shoot a music video using your iphone of course! – pretty funny stuff here! h/t Parris Payden

Pornolescence – Timely article by Tim Challies this week on the nature of Porn and its affect on Christian homes across America. – h/t Parris Payden

Hollywood Hearts Abortion and PCUSA Gay Marriage Update – Al Mohler gives a rundown on the vote of the Presbyterian Church USA (the more liberal of the two mainline Presbyterian denominations) to allow their ministers to marry same-sex couples.  He also discusses a new movie out of Hollywood’s sewers which seeks to make an abortion plot-line into a romantic comedy. Discretion advised if you’re listening with kids around.

How Suffering Leads to Joy and Hope – Two weeks ago I preached a message from Romans 5:1-5 on how suffering brings endurance, character and hope which ultimately yields joy.  The audio from that sermon is now posted if you have a desire to check it out.

In the Aftermath of Disappointing Elections – Tim Challies writes about his disappointment in the aftermath of the Ontario Elections the other day and how his faith, like Abraham’s, must be grounded in God’s character.  I wrote a similar piece just after the 2012 elections – find that little piece of archive goodness HERE. 

Resources, Resources!

Pray like a Puritan! – Looking for help in your prayer life? Check out the Valley of Vision.  These puritan prayers will inspire, deepen, and lift your heart as you prepare to spend time with the Lord.  Really enjoy this book!

Spurgeon at 180 – This week would have been C.H. Spurgeon’s 180th Birthday, and to celebrate the Confessing Baptists are giving away a complete sermon series – enter to win at the link above! h/t Parris Payden

Weekend Reading: June 6, 2014

To readers and interested parties, we are beginning a new effort today called ‘Weekend Reading’ here at the DFL blog. The idea is to provide you with a few interesting articles from around the web/news world so that whether you’re at an all day swim meat, sipping on Saturday morning coffee, or can’t sleep Friday night, you’ll have a few articles of interest to fill you in on what’s new.

Because of the nature of my own interests and background, the articles will be mostly a mix of political, theological, christian, with a mix of fun or off the wall items from time to time.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but rather a few interesting items to check out or bookmark for later reading as you skim the headlines Saturday morning.  I expect to get help from multiple sources and friends, and want to say “thanks” in advance for those who will help keep this effort going.  Now, without further ado, here are your weekend links:

Gay Marriage and Civil Disobedience: Pastor Peter Jones has an insightful post about how Christians should be thinking and responding to the quickly evolving issue of Gay marriage and Gay rights.

 Bob Dole is WWI Vets ‘Man in DC’ – a short video about how former US Senator and GOP Presidential Nominee Bob Dole has been spending his time at the WWII memorial with vets.

The Bible Meets the Modern Age – Al Mohler has a conversation with former President Jimmy Carter about his faith, his sunday school teaching, and a few other things. This is a long read, but the audio is also available.

Fox News has some disturbing information about Bowe Bergdahl, and the Wall Street Journal has a terrifying story about the 5 Taliban captives the US set free in the Bergdahl exchange.

ChristianAudio.com is having their twice yearly sale on audiobooks – great sale to check out, many books are only $7.49. If you travel a lot or love audiobooks then this is something you won’t want to miss.

What is a Photocopier? – Hilarious new video project by the New York Times that employs actors to reenact real life depositions.  If you’re at all familiar with what deposition are normally like, then this will make you laugh out loud.

National Senate/Political Landscape – Last Sunday I gave a rundown of the national political landscape on a Cincinnati Radio program.