Disciples For Life – An Introduction!

This Mission of ‘Disciples for Life’ and this website
Since its inception at the start of 2012, the Disciples for Life site has seen thousands of visits, and writing on topics from politics and technology, to expositions of the Scripture – its primary function.
The main purpose of the site is to function as a tool for people at our church, and elsewhere, to dig deeper into each week’s lesson through the Bible.
PJ and Katie Wenzel are the class leaders and believe in the importance of developing a close-knit group of friends from within the church family for growth, prayer, and support during life’s different challenges.  The class meets on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings at Dublin Baptist Church, or in someone’s home.
Teaching in the Disciples for Life class is expositional in style, and learning from God’s Word is the central theme of Sunday mornings; the class is focused on Christian fellowship, critical examination of God’s Word, and providing an outlet to better serve others.
If you’d like to learn more, you can leave a comment with your information and we will be in contact!

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