As I mentioned this past Sunday, the GROW outreach ministry is going to be kicking back into full gear in February, and our class will be to be a big part of it!  Our week will be the third Tuesday of every month.  In February that will be the 21st.  Some details on GROW (Go Reach Our World) are below, and we’ll be passing around a sign up sheet in the coming weeks for those who want to be involved (I’m thinking we should all be involved, right?!)

Each Week at GROW, there are the following opportunities for service:
1 – Prayer – while others are talking directly to the community, you’re talking directly to God to help cover all that we do during an evening.
2 – Make Visits – these are Evangelistic visits, Prospect visits, and Care-giving visits. (We send out in teams of three).
3 – Letter Writing – The church will provide sample letters for us, and we’ll write personal follow up letters to guests and visitors who attended the church recently.
4 – Phone Calls – Just as with the letters, there are sample scripts for the phone calls.  Phone calls allow you to follow up with guests, and call absentees.
5 – Child Care – This hasn’t been a need in the recent months but now that more people are engaged in GROW we may need more people doing this.

Here’s what a typical GROW schedule looks like
6:50-7:00pm sign in
7:00-7:10pm welcomes and assignments.
7:10-8:00pm go to work!
8:00-8:15pm report and celebrate the work
8:15pm prayer and dismiss

Please consider coming to this each month.  It’s going to be a great time to grow together as a class (no pun intended), and reach others in the community with the love of Christ.



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