Men’s Campout!

As I mentioned in class two weeks ago, this year we’ll be holding our 4th annual men’s campout.  The preliminary details are below.  This is an amazing time of fun and fellowship that I highly recommend for any guy who enjoys shooting guns, grilling out, hiking, and playing a lot of cornhole.  Please RSVP to PJ Wenzel:

NOTE: the purpose of this event is both outreach and inreach.  So invite those who don’t come to our church as well as folks who you don’t know well but know would enjoy coming and meeting other guys.

Address: Tom Whatman’s Farm, 6650 Stoffer Rd., Bellville, OH 44813

Date: June 22nd and 23rd  – meet at Dublin Baptist Parking Lot at 1pm on the 22nd and you’ll be back in time for a late dinner with your family on the 23rd (Saturday).

What to bring: Bible, sleeping bag, tent (if you don’t have a tent I will put you in with someone else who has space), any guns you want to fire along with ammo

Cost: count on this being $25-35 per person.  I will have exact figures soon.

Lastly, look for updated to this page website.  I’m sure I’ll post updates as people ask questions and I solidify the itinerary.



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