Spurgeon on the Intellect

As we prepare our minds and hearts for another Lord’s Day tomorrow, I hope that we are readying ourselves to newly consider the splendor and potency of the gospel message.   Charles H. Spurgeon said this:

There is no man so ignorant that he can claim a lack of intellect as an excuse for rejecting the gospel…it is not any lack or deficiency there (in the mind).  The nature of man has become so debased and depraved that it has become impossible for him to Christ without the power of God the Holy Sprit.

Surely we can agree with Spurgeon here and ask the Lord to change our desires, to reform our minds, and the help us understand and love Him more.

To many of you, Spurgeon might be a name that you’ve heard, but a man you are not very familiar with.  If that be the case, then I would urge you to learn more about him.  You can find an excellent website with many of his works here, or better yet, you can order Steve Lawson’s short biography of him here.  Lastly, John Piper has a short bio on him up at Desiring God which can be found here.


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