Thursday Night Bible Study

For about three years now we’ve been holding a Thursday night Bible study at the Stone’s house.  At the beginning we did studies based solely on what Pastor has preached on the week prior.  Then, after being gripped by a deep conviction that we needed to be studying the Bible systematically and exegetically, we began a verse by verse study in the book of Philippians.  That study was followed by a similar study in Ephesians.

Now, we are one week away from completing a study of 1 Samuel (and the first 5 chapters of 2 Samuel), and beginning a short marriage study using material from Family Life’s Art of Marriage.

I can’t tell you how rewarding and humbling its been to be a part of this time of fellowship and growth, and I wanted to make sure that everyone in the class had a chance to learn more about what it is that we do on a given Thursday night.  If you haven’t been yet, you need to consider coming, its really an amazing time.

What goes on…

Each Thursday begins with a large meal.  Everyone is stuffed to the brim, and we all get to catch up on the latest goings on with one another’s families.  There’s a cooking rotation, so the burden is split up really well.

After the meal, we all gather into the living room (for those who can fit – overflow into the dining room now) and sing hymns and choruses together.  No one in our group has a record-label quality voice!  BUT, we all appreciate the opportunity to get before our King and begin our study of the Bible by expressing our thankfulness to the Lord.  It’s usually one of the best parts of the evening.

Once we’ve sung, and prayed over the group, the group splits into three smaller groups. The children split into two groups either going outside or into the basement with the older boys going together, and the girls and young children together in another group.  The young men spend the first 10-15 minutes with a male adult who leads them through a Bible story and some catechism work.  We rotate the men involved here so everyone has an opportunity to be a part of this.

The adults are led in a verse by verse study by either myself, Parris Payden, or Derek Stone.  Each of us has a different style of teaching, but we all love the Lord, and have a passion for discipleship and teaching.

We conclude the evening in prayer, and sometimes get everyone together for a last hymn if there’s time.  The evening is usually the highlight of our week (speaking for my family).  Not only are the children being discipled and getting to spend time with their friends, but the adults are discipled, encouraged, renewed, and educated.

If you’re interested in coming, let Parris, myself, or Derek know by clicking on our names (it will pop up an email address).  We’d love to have you there, and look forward to seeing what God will continue to do in the lives of those He’s blessed to be a part of our family here at Dublin Baptist.

Here’s a picture from this week’s study – the boys were having a Lego castle building competition! 


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