Sing a New Song

Thursday night’s Bible Study was great!  We had a full house, as usual, and there were lots of little shoes at the doorway as proof of our desire to gather together each week!

One of the things we did this week that was a bit unusual, was to sing three new songs (two with the kids and one with only the adults after the study concluded).  I usually like to include at least one familiar song, and will likely stick with that methodology in the future, but I was convicted that we ought to be learning “new” songs as well (Ps. 96:1).

Here are some YouTube videos of the songs we sang thursday.  Two of the groups that we’ve been getting a lot of our music from are Sovereign Grace Music, and Keith and Kristyn Getty (some of their music is written and performed by Stuart Townend).  I’d encourage you to go to iTunes and download some of this music because it’s fantastic – both doctrinally and musically.

Sovereign Grace Music – All I have is Christ

Keith and Kristyn Getty – My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness

Keith and Kristyn Getty – Creation Sings


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