The Benefits of the Kingdom

On Sunday morning I spoke about the importance of understanding the inaugurated kingdom of Christ. I talked about how Christ’s victory over sin and death and his ushering in the “kingdom of God” marked a clear line in the sand of the history of the world.

I also remarked how as Christians we feel the tension of the sin and death of a fallen world around us, while also enjoying the fellowship and rest of spiritual victory and adoption in Christ.

I think it’s important that while we suffer the evils and ills of this world, that we realize in full faith that God is sovereign over this things, which is to say, He is ruling over these things. Thus, we join with the saints who have gone before us and wait in anticipation until the “kingdom of this earth become the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (Rev. 11:15).

To follow up on those thoughts, I wanted to paste below for you Anthony Hoekema’s description of this truth (because he articulates is much better than I!):

In the New Testament era the spiritual blessings enjoyed are more abundant than in the Old Testament days: the knowledge of God’s redemptive plan is vastly enriched, the faith of the New Testament believer is greatly deepened, and his grasp of the dimensions of God’s love as revealed in Christ is immeasurably strengthened. At the same time, however, the believers expectation of still greater blessings to come in the future is also intensified. The New Testament as well as the Old has a strong forward book. There is a deep conviction that the redemptive workings of the Holy Spirit which are now experienced are but the prelude to a far richer and more complete redemption in the future, and that the era which has been ushered in by the first coming of Jesus Christ will be followed by another era which will be more glorious than this one can possibly be. In other words, the New Testament believer is conscious, on the one hand, of the fact that the great eschatological event predicted in the Old Testament has already happened, while on the other hand he realizes that another momentous series of eschatological events is still to come.


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