New study on Revival

Dearest friends,

Tomorrow we begin a 12 week study on “revival”…

So much of what we study in our class and in our daily Bible reading is history. The history of how men and women have interacted with their Maker, and how He has interacted with them.

These interactions have many facets, and there are a panoply of topics which have resulted from the many thousands of years we have been in relationship with our God.

But what we are most interested in tomorrow, and during the course of this study, is not solely or specifically a salvific one related to how men have a relationship with God, nor is it an apologetic one about how we know God exists, or other of like variety of studies. But rather we will be focused on how someone who is already a child of God can further deepen that familial bond, or perhaps repent and reconcile ourselves to Him when we have continued in rebellion and hidden sin.

The goal here will be to create stronger, more humble, Christians.

In order to do so, we will be looking closely at some hard facts. We will take note of who we are, who God is, the nature of our sin, and the gloriousness of the gospel.

In the course of this study I have noticed that the authors have a very practical bent. This is a good thing, and we ought not to blunt the knife of truth from tearing our crooked hearts asunder from the love of this world. However, I wish to also exhort each one of you that while we study our relationship to God, that we remember who He is, and that He is a God who does what He does for His glory and pleasure. His love for us (which will be brought up throughout the study) flows out of His character – and frankly His love for His Son, of which we are partakers and beneficiaries.

In His abundant and infinite goodness, Christ has clothed us in His own righteousness (His own meritorious work). He has died and lived for us. We owe Him everything. Therefore it is natural for us to take a season to repair and repent – and also rejoice in these realities.

I hope we do not approach this study on “revival” with fear of guilt or perhaps even zeal for something revival isn’t. Revival isn’t making Christ lord again – He has always been Lord. Your sin doesn’t displace His power and place. But it can hinder your effectiveness for Him and the blessings of being His hands and feet in this life. Revival is simply submitting yourself once again to that form of obedience you once gladly and joyfully accepted. It is allowing and desiring and praying for the Holy Spirit’s work of renewing within you. It is knowing once again that “all I have is Christ” and celebrating this fact in joy. It is remembering afresh the gospel, and spending time at the foot of the cross, only to then spend time rejoicing at the foot of the throne of the resurrected King who has conquered sin and death in you and all His chosen children.

Romans 5:8 says this: But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.



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