Weekend Reading: June 27, 2014

I hope everyone had a great week!  Below are a few links to interesting news articles, blog posts, and a few videos for your weekend.  Enjoy!

Same Sex Marriage Debate – Last night I (and several of our DBC friends) attended (and participated in) a debate on so-called “gay marriage” in Dayton.  The debate featured my good friend Ken Klukowski who did an excellent job.  You can watch the debate here. 

Speaking of legal debates…This week the Supreme Court handed down a lot of victories for conservatives. Here are Ken Klukowski’s columns on 1. The President getting smacked down on abuse of power re: recess appointments, 2. So-called buffer zone around abortion, and 3. a big victory for those in favor of same sex marriage in the 10th district court this week.

Who is God? – that’s the question Pastor Steve Lawson discusses with Nathan Bingham from Ligonier Ministries this week in a Google Hangout.  Check it out!

Frozen Frenzy – If you’ve seen the movie or heard the soundtrack, you might be interested in this (lengthy) piece by the New Yorker that details how people are trying to figure out why the flick is such a big hit.

Mariam Ibrahim – Free Again…for now at least!

Jesus Calling? – So many people love this devotional…if you’re one of them, then maybe you ought to read this blog by Pastor Tim Challies.  I’ve personally never understood how this author could get away with be so secretive and secluded.  The take away is that anyone who is claiming to receive new revelation from God is dead wrong and ought to raise red flags for discerning Christians.

No Book Like the Bible – A new video describing John Piper’s new ministry focus. Sounds exciting! ALSO – loved this link on why we memorize scripture. 

Iowa Unsure on HRC – Hillary Clinton isn’t leading hew GOP opponents by much in the key early state of Iowa right now…she’s also seeing her book sales plummet just a few weeks into launch.

Stop Wriggling in Worship! – Ligonier has an interesting and funny little post about how John Calvin said we should stop wriggling in worship!


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