Weekend Reading: July 11, 2014

Welcome to a new edition of ‘Weekend Reading’ where I catch you up on all the stories you might have missed this week, and provide you with everything from blog posts to youtube videos for your amusement and information.  All with the goal to keep you informed and keep you focused on the Jesus no matter what’s going on in the news this week.  Here’s what I read, watched, heard and found worth sharing this week:

Climate Change “outrageous” says top meteorologist in Alabama.  This blog is really interesting. If you’re from Alabama and want to keep in touch with all the latest in politics and policy this is the place for you.

Binding Satan?  Humorous, yet helpful insight on whether or not Christians should pray to “bind Satan.”

When we learn the best – Just a phenomenal article on the progressive nature of our Biblical learning. I have a bunch of DG articles below, but this one is a little older and stood out to me as really terrific. (h/t Lisa Wenzel)

Life, Liberty and all that – Christian Historian Robert Godfrey has a good (but perhaps a bit wordy) article on the Christian perspective of liberty and society – scroll to the end to get the gist if you don’t want to read the whole thing (he sums it up nicely at the end).

6 Reflections on Sleepovers – Tim Challies follows up on his hugely popular article on why he doesn’t allow his kids to do sleepovers. I have to say that this have given me a lot of cause for reflection.

A Christian Husband’s Marriage Catechism – Thanks to Parris P. for sending this cool piece along.

Kids and Old Technology – this hilarious little video takes a look at how today’s children react to old technology – namely, the Game Boy.

Desiring God’s blog was on fire this week!  So many great articles.  Great one on Evangelism (h/t Parris), helpful post on self-pity aimed at women but applicable to all, and a terrific follow up piece on the Christian budget that aims at thwarting prideful penny pinchers (my vernacular, not theirs!)! Lastly they have a neat little post on how dad’s should interact with their daughter’s boyfriends. 

Flexing for the Cameras – what do Christians have in common with NFL wide receivers? Find out…

The Perfect Family – I think it was Tim Challies who shot this link out earlier this week from Greg Lucas.  This is a really neat little post about his special needs family and the perspective it takes to raise “non-perfect” kids…

America’s Greatest Sermon – the guys at CrippleGate look at an important sermon that fits today’s times perfectly.  The author?  Jonathan Edwards. (h/t Parris Payden)

IRS Scandal – several little pieces of info out this week revealing more intel on this evolving scandal – here’s one from the conservative blog Red State.

Profile of David Cochran Heath – ever listened to the ESV Bible on audio?  Well that voice is that of David Cochran Heath, and a few years back he had a profile story done for a local San Diego paper.  I really enjoyed the read and appreciated his heart.

Why Decision Making is So Hard! – I loved this post by Tim Challies a few weeks back and kept meaning to send it around.  Great perspective here.

Only one way to God – David Platt has an excellent video on this topic (h/t Parris Payden)

A Christian Convert on the Run – Amazing story of a convert in Afghanistan whose family is trying to kill him for converting to Christianity.  (h/t Clif Gates)

Rockets, Rockets, and MORE Rockets – Israel is under siege again this week, this time by rockets coming from Gaza and the terror organization Hamas.  Since I’m traveling to Israel in the near future, I’ve been paying more attention to issues over there.  Here is one story relating to the military situation, and here’s a video on Israel’s IRON DOME missile defense system that intercepts these rockets. If you want to see how many rockets are launched real time, then download this app and just watch your phone explode for a day or so (no pun intended)!

Cincinnati Congressman Steve Chabot looks at the suggested reading material for incoming college freshman around the country. He doesn’t show or link to the list, but the statistics are enough to get the point.

Sharing Your Testimony Wisely – A very thoughtful article by Trevin Wax on sharing our Christian testimony.

Putin’s Secret Weapon – check this out if you want to know how Russia is strategically working in its neighborhood (and beyond) to get what they want…ALSO – from FP is a column on the safety (or lack) of deadly diseases kept in “secure” labs.

That’s it!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!





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