Weekend Reading: August 1, 2014

There are several interesting articles and videos that grabbed my attention, and sparked my curiosity this week.  Also, since I received some good feedback on posting the books I’m reading or have read this week, I’ve done that again at the bottom of the links.  I hope you enjoy the links, and have a wonderful weekend! Please note: I’ll not be publishing an edition of Weekend Reading next week as I’ll be out of the country.


It’s political season, which means RedState has some interesting stuff this week. That includes an article on how the US Senate has changed (for the worse) under Harry Reid’s leadership.  But they also have a pretty amusing poke at Atheist Richard Dawkins.  Also, by way of Ohio politics, there’s a breaking story that could be bad for Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald…

Voddie Baucham addresses the (incorrect) theory that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. (h/t Parris Payden)

Fascinating article about how a new form of propulsion is being successfully tested by NASA and other scientists.  This would involve microwave energy powered by the sun and would eliminate the need for fuel-based propulsion systems in space, thus saving untold millions of dollars in the satellite (and other) industries…this seems really confusing, but scroll to the last graph for a good summary.

Ligonier Ministries pushed out a post yesterday advertising their ‘Crucial Questions’ series by R.C. Sproul for kindle/e-reader…FREE.  The one on prayer is fantastic!

Speaking of fantastic, here is the best sermon on tithing I’ve ever heard. 

Great article here on Nintendo, and how past tech companies like Motorola have had big hits which cause them to miss long term strategy, and eventually go out of business. In a similar vein, here’s a story on how wall street experts see trouble ahead for Target and Walmart. 

Evernote for Academics – if you’re into Evernote, and do a lot of reading online, check this out. PS – Evernote is awesome!

Is Washington DC experiencing a post-government shutdown baby boom(let)? 

The Bible Project is out with their second video on Genesis 12-50. These are really really cool videos! The introduce the Bible to those who are unfamiliar or just learning the basics of Scripture.  Just really good.  Masterfully illustrated, solid theology thus far… + they’re from Portland Oregon (where I grew up!)

This…might frustrate you a bit…apparently the US has spent more money “rebuilding” Afghanistan than the total cost for all of the European rebuilding combined post WWII under the Marshall Plan.

Here’s a beautiful post on DG from Samantha Poteat on God’s grace after not reading your Bible for a while.

The World Cup is coming to Qatar (in case you haven’t heard), and already there are issues of human labor exploitation and terrible working conditions.

In rather interesting, yet slightly off the wall type news, here’s a video that celebrates the service of an 86 year old marksman who served in WWII.  It’s neat to watch him still display his skills, and be honored by the Service.  (h/t Katie Wenzel)

Speaking of off the wall videos, the GOP candidate for Governor of California spent a week trying to make it on the streets with only $40.  Several nights are spent on park benches, and he finds that its really hard to get a job.

On a serious note, Wolf Blitzer took a first hand look at the tunnels that Hamas has been digging into Israel.

Speaking of terrorists, here’s a scary (and long) piece from the NY Times on how Al Qaeda is being bankrolled by their hostage taking businesses…and the European governments willing to pay millions to free the men and women they abduct.

Also, and this is funny, here’s a post on FP.com title ‘9 things to avoid when creating your own caliphate’. 

Two sort of humorous articles from Quartz this week.  The first is how – no matter what anyone says – its never acceptable to wear sweatpants in the place of, well, anything in public. And another on how snap-chat IS really worth as much (or more) than the $3billion Facebook was going to offer them.

And finally, John Piper posted an short article on J.I. Packer and his philosophy of living “flat out” until you die.  Packer is now 88 years old, and still as valuable to the church as ever.  Piper also posted an article that Parris sent me titled ‘The Majesty of the Teacher in the Sermon on the Mount’ 

Here are the books I’ve finished or am I’m reading this week: Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church, Winston Churchill: The Last Lion (Volume I), Bilbo’s Last Song, Start Up Nation, The World of the Old Testament, The Atlas of Middle Earth, and The Empire Striketh Back. Also, in case you missed it, Amazon Prime Members should note that ‘Band of Brothers’ is now FREE for streaming.  Katie and I finished it two nights ago, and we really enjoyed it – it made me remember how grateful I am to be living in a free country, and for the sacrifices of previous generations.


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