Weekend Reading: August 8, 2014

Well I didn’t think I would have time to send out weekend reading links, but as I travel on the bus from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea this morning I thought I’d just briefly send a few good articles from the week for you to scroll through as you enjoy the pool or the little league game this weekend.  So here’s a few articles I hope you enjoy!

Excellent article on self-esteem and how deceptive it can be.  It’s aimed specifically at teenage girls, but its applicable to everyone. (h/t Katie)

ISIS is doing terrible things…no surprise.  But one of the things we need to keep an eye on is remembering to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters there in Iraq.  They’re going through a horrific persecution.

Speaking of terrorists…here is a short but helpful blog post from Joe Carter on the 9 things you should know about Hamas.

Neat tips on how to approach journaling from DG – also, Piper has a very interesting post on poetry. 

Here’s a great article on how hymns are basically mini sermons “for the soul to sing” from Nick Batzig.

If you have a logical mind, you’ll enjoy this article From R.C. Sproul which explains what happens in the order of events at moment or time of salvation.  He also has one on how suffering is not worthless. 

One of the guys over at Kuyperian Commentary has an interesting little post on tattoos. 

Jon Bloom says that you don’t have to know everything in life, just one really important thing…

Tim Challies has a great little post on ‘How to Keep the Spark Alive’ in your marriage. He also has a terrific post this week on ‘7 things Christ is’

Along similar lines – and probably the best article I read this week – Marshall Segal has a wonderful article on the worth and value of marriage. 

Lastly, there are two simply amazing articles from DG that you need to check out! The first is from Tim Keesee called ‘Stumbling into the Future‘ and one from Tony Reinke on Van Gogh and the superiority of the Word of God. 


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