Weekend Reading: August 22, 2014

Well good morning!  Below are some links to videos, blog posts, articles for your weekend reading.  Have a great day and enjoy the articles! 

Richard Dawkins created a firestorm when he said babies with Down’s Syndrome should be aborted. Meanwhile a much more sane article from Keith Matheson who has a post on Abortion and Ethical Schizophrenia.

Want to read articles (and books) faster?  Try Spritz!  There are other apps as well, but I like this technology best.

Conservative power-blogger Erik Erikson is finding how difficult it is to reconcile his faith with some of the strident voices on the right.

My friend Matt Strawn wrote a nice op-ed in the Des Moines Register about his experience in Israel.  He was on the same trip I went on a few weeks ago. 

Tim Challies posted a great collection of Christian blogs written for or by women. 

Katie sent me a great post from ‘Loving My Lot’ this week – this is one to bookmark and pull out again and again and read alongside John 21:20-25. 

Speaking of Pastor Tim, he posted a book review on ‘The Last Lion’ – a biography of Winston Churchill.  Actually it isn’t “a” biography, it is “the” definitive biography. Over 100 hours of audio or 3000 pages of reading.  I’m well into volume one and am enjoying it immensely!  Tim also wrote a wonderful post about how we view time and our ability to get things done called ‘The Spasmodic Hercules’ that is well worth reading. 

This is an article (which is too long) that will amuse you sports fanatics – one man’s quest to play Jordan one-on-one…

Buzzfeed has compiled a list of IceBucket (ALS challenge) failures (you’ll laugh for sure), and one guy has a drone do the ice bucket dump for him. 

Speaking of drones, an Indian pizza company made waves recently by having one of their pies delivered using drone technology (India may become the first country where Amazon delivers packages via drone

RC Sproul posted about how there will “be no sea” in heaven and what that exactly means…

Ligonier also posted this article from John Piper on prayer where he discusses Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9 – fascinating stuff here.

Here’s a great little article on how to properly price what you sell whether its consulting or a widget. (h/t Nick Everhart) 

Mr. T was fulfilling his civic duty this past week…in the meantime he likely missed out on learning to make the perfect paper airplane! 

I was really challenged by this article on the traits of a good teacher. 

Speaking of good teachers, Justin Taylor has a piece called ‘9 Reasons We Can Be Confident Christians Won’t be Raptured Before the Tribulation’.  The timing is apropos since there’s a new ‘Left Behind’ movie out (or coming out) – this one staring Nicholas Cage!!! Even A-List Hollywood actors are getting in on the over-sensationalized theology fad. 

I haven’t posted any links about Ferguson because I’m sure you’ve been inundated by those stories.  However, he’s an interesting link to Twitter’s compilation of activity on the subject.  You can see how it explodes from a local story to an international topic of conversation. 

Why is Japan SO different??? I read this article a while back and stumbled on it again.  It’s definitely long, and requires a large cup of coffee, but some of you will find it fascinating. 

That’s it – enjoy your weekend!



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