Weekend Reading: October 10, 2014

Is it the weekend yet?!!!  Almost…

As I mentioned last week, I am in the midst of campaign season and, being a political operative, that means I lack much time to do reading.  However, I do have a handful of articles for you to enjoy this beautiful fall weekend:

Sinclair Ferguson has a nice post called ‘What is Discernment?’ over at Ligonier that’s worth checking out. Also – R.C. Sproul, Jr. has a very tender article aimed at husbands (for contextual purposes, R.C. lost his wife 2 years ago).

Turns out the public pooping is a problem in India…

This is an old article from Tim Challies that I stumbled upon – its really good.  It’s called ‘So you want to sin, do you?’  Also – from his old stack – if you haven’t read some of the False Teachers series, here’s one to check out on TD Jakes…

Also – this week Challies had a short, but hilarious little post on the Ten Commandments for using modern media.

NPR had a very helpful article on just how contagious Ebola is – it will calm you down a little…

And Cali is suffering from a drout this year…how bad?  this bad…

J.D. Greear has an introspective on what true forgiveness looks like. 

Another week, another story about ISIS. This one is really sobering and has to do with the selling of women and children.

That’s it for now – have a great weekend!



One thought on “Weekend Reading: October 10, 2014

  1. Loved that article on Ebola…read it earlier in the week. I hear all of these people freaking out and they don’t have any idea about what they are really freaking out about.

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