Weekend Reading: October 18, 2014

Only three weeks away from the midterm elections here in the United States and life is pretty hectic for those of us involved in politics, so I don’t have as many articles as I will when things die down. That being said, there were a few good articles this week that need to be shared.

Let’s begin in Houston where Pastors who protested the a local ordinance on homosexuality had their sermons subpoenaed.  After a lot of protest, the city revised their subpoenas and backed off. This is only the latest in the continuing battle over freedom of speech and the radical homosexual agenda.  (h/t Tracy Lear for the updates)

On a similar (and unfortunate) note, one couple is being fined for refusing to allow their land to be used for a gay marriage. Denny Burk explains…

Of course Ebola continued to dominate the news – interestingly, many Americans believe the government is hiding information from them about the deadly disease. 

Mark Driscoll resigned from Mars Hill church in Seattle under growing concerns that he ran the church (and other campuses) with a domineering and arrogant spirit. Sounds like his resignation was unexpected. (h/t Dennis Lankford)

The government is learning that when you spy regularly on Americans they tend to build ways to stop you (I say “they” to include the corporations who ARE made up of people and adapt to the demands of the market).

Fascinating story this week at HuffPo about an American man who voluntarily signed up to fight with the Kurds against ISIS.

Did you know there’s an app you can download where you ask “Ethan” any question you’d like and he gives an opinion back…he’s a real person acting like an old fashioned 8-ball!  Can you believe someone is making tons of money selling an app and giving out silly advice?  Well, stupid question I guess…

Some economists and foodies have banded together to ask if ‘it tastes better when it costs more?’

From the silly side…A super-centenarian woman lies about her age to get onto Facebook…

In the MUST READ ARTICLE of the week, Jon Bloom says, ‘Be Ready to Answer Your Kid’s Questions about the Bible’….and then proceeds to help us do just that!

Pastor Saeed, imprisoned for his faith, has written his 8 year old daughter a note for her birthday that the family decided to publish.

R.C. Sproul argues that the secret to happiness in life is cultivating humility. And Jon Bloom takes it a step further and says that God actually entices us to great happiness...

David Mathis has been reading ‘The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe‘ to his kids and he chronicles (no pun intended) their response the book and to C.S. Lewis’ writing. I’ve always enjoyed Lewis’ works – especially the Chronicles of Narnia.  Just this past week our family listened to The Magician’s Nephew and really enjoyed it.

That’s it!  Now go enjoy your weekend!



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