Weekend Reading: January 9, 2015

Welcome to your weekend! Below are the few articles and videos I’ve enjoyed over the course of what has turned out to be a super busy week. Not much here this week, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!


Obviously the big headlines are studded with news out of Parris. The terrorist attacks and subsequent kidnapping showdown has reignited the discussion about the relative good and evil of both Islam and religion as a whole.

On the political front, with Jeb Bush all but certain to jump in the race for the GOP nomination, Mitt Romney sent a strong (and surprising) buzz throughout the political world today when he told a group of about 30 donors that he’s considering a run in ’16 as well.  

And on further geo-political news, my friends at AIPAC reminded me this week that Iranian nuclear negotiations are in high gear and reaching an important stage. Their email to me included this important line: Iran with a nuclear weapon would mean a major threat to US National security, an existential threat to Israel, and would even further destabilize the Middle East with a race toward nuclear weapons by other countries. If you’d like to do some political activism – important in a free society! – then I’d encourage you to call or email smarmy Senator Sherrod Brown’s office, as he’ll be a key vote in the future when legislation regarding possible Iranian sanctions is brought to the fore. Learn more about this here and get info on Sherrod Brown’s Office here. 

And on a rather sad note, longtime ESPN anchor Stuart Scott died of cancer this past week. ESPN has an interesting video about his life and career. 

Jon Bloom has a nice article over at DG this week called, ‘God is at Work in Your Unremarkable Days’ that is worth checking out.

And R.C. Sproul, Jr. has a sobering assessment on the ‘7 Truths We have Forgotten’ which I found challenging and accurate.

The NBA released a pretty amusing video of December’s best bloopers...

…and lastly, some funny stuff. Quartz has a funny piece called ‘What Back to the Future II got right about tech in 2015’!

Enjoy – and have a wonderful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: January 9, 2015

  1. PJ, Why does the link not work this week for reading. It asks me to start a blog of my own 😦 I would love to read the links you have collected.

    Steve Rouse

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