Weekend Reading: January 23, 2015

It is ALMOST here…the weekend! So I’ve teed up all the articles, videos and blog posts I found most interesting from the week. Check them out and enjoy your weekend!

Let’s start with ‘Deflategate’ – the big story before the Superbowl is how the Patriots (allegedly) were deflating footballs before the conference championship game. Tom Brady denies all wrong doing here. Oddly enough, the issue was fixed at half-time, and the Patriots proceeded to trounce the Colts in the second half leading to an embarrassing 45-7 “W”…so there’s that…

The political world is really heating up as 2016 Presidential contenders are making calls to donors and building their staffs. In the wake of all this hubbub, The New York Times had an interesting story comparing President George W. Bush with his younger brother Jeb.…along similar lines, they have a piece about how Jeb and Mitt are meeting

And on the world stage, Buzzfeed pokes at Sec. of State John Kerry for his “special” moment with French President François Hollande.  

Speaking of international affairs, my friend Uri Goldflam has an article in The Time of Israel hitting liberal columnist Thomas Friedman for his hypocrisy. Interestingly, I found others doing a nice job documenting this in even more (fun and) extensive depths…

This week there were big battles on the Hill about abortion and lots of blather over climate change. Nothing significant happened per se in either policy area, but it was interesting to note what 2016 presidential aspirants are saying about so-called “climate change…”

Now for a lighter moment…several people close to me have their homes on the market right now, and Kate sent this informative real estate slide show around: ’37 Horrifying Real Estate Photos…’

In other important news, the Idaho state legislature has decided NOT to make the salamander the state amphibian. 

Mommy Blog Alert (this is actually a great article): ’20 Things I Want My Daughters to Understand about Being a Woman’

And if you missed the President’s State of the Union Address – first, good for you for making a healthy lifestyle decision – but secondly, you might want to check out how the President is planning on taxing 529 education plans upon $$$ withdrawal….(h/t my Kate)

And there must just be a ton going on in foreign affairs this week, because there are two more important items you should know about: First, Speaker John Boehner invited the Israeli PM to address Congress without going through the State Department/White House (a major snub), and SECOND, just a few hours after our talented diplomats met with Cuban diplomats for the first time in like 50 years, the Cubans turn around and decry the terrible human rights record of the U.S (h/t Dennis Lankford)….I kid you not. Warm up the Sunday Morning Shows, it’s going to get ugly for POTUS.

The WRAP UP – 3 Great articles for your weekend that won’t leave you shaking your head!

1. Tim Challies has a piece on his wedding anniversary that is really great. 

2. Justin Taylor reports on the fragment of Mark that dates back to the first century. Taylor answers the question: How should Christians respond? 

3. Justin Taylor gets a gold star for yet another great piece. This is a short one called ‘5 Scientific Problems with Current Theories of Biological and Chemical Evolution.

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend – and happy reading!



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