Weekend Reading: January 30, 2015

It’s Friday and I’m writing this post around 6pm eastern, so the weekend is upon us! I have read a number of interesting stories/videos/blogs this week that you might enjoy – check them all out below!

I usually start with political/world news items, but instead let’s begin with great articles from the Christian world.  First, Jon Bloom has channeled his inner C.S. Lewis and written a piece called ‘The God-man or Madman?’ about the incredible claims Jesus made about Himself. It’s definitely worth looking over.

NERD ALERT: Justin Taylor has posted up an excerpt from Tom Schreiner’s Biblical Theology that addresses Genesis 1:26 which talks about the Trinity’s involvement in creation. As you might recall, the verse says “Let us” make man in our image etc. But is this a direct reference to the Trinity? Check it out…

This week was the anniversary of the Challenger disaster, and to commemorate that day, I watched President Reagan’s short speech to the nation on the matter. Amazing how well this man could communicate.

Speaking of disasters, Congressman Tim Ryan announced this week that he has decided to become “pro-choice.” Is that the same as Conspiracy to Commit Murder? The two most perverted facts about the story: 1. Ryan came to this conclusion AFTER having his first child this past year…(I kid you not) and 2. this comes on the heels of rampant speculation about a potential Ryan Senate campaign in 2016.

More Theology…Tim Challies has a post addressed to his Reformed Christian friends called ‘How to Offend a Room Full of Calvinists’ that was really good.

And if I have another person proclaim the joys of Ikea coming to Columbus Ohio I will, well, I don’t know what. I’m mainly excited about the Swedish meatballs! Here’s the Dispatch story on it. EXTRA SILVER LINING: At least the Dispatch is printing something people care about reading for once!

But I enjoyed this story much more…I guess our globe-trotting State Department superstar got a ticket for not shoveling his sidewalk…can’t make this stuff up…

Speaking of which – I promise I didn’t make this one up: ‘Five Days After Burial, Tampa Cat Crawls Back from Grave.’

And have you been STUCK on many conference calls this week? Enjoy this humous YouTuber sent courtesy of Alison Payden.

Speaking of Conference Calls – Mitt Romney announced on one today that he is NOT running for President next year. 

And the Senate Dems failed to filibuster the Keystone Pipeline, so not it heads to President Obama’s desk where he’s vowed to veto it.

Back to more eternal issues…R.C. Sproul, Jr. wrote a little piece a while back asking the question ‘How Can an Infinite Hell Be Just When Our Sins are Finite?’

This week Denny Burk pondered the question ‘Will Christians be Allowed to Serve as Judges in California?’ 

And did you see this? The “evil” Koch brothers are set to spend almost a BILLION dollars on the 2016 election cycle!

Maybe they could load some money to Jimmy McMillan?

INTRIGUE! ‘FBI Nabs Member of Russian of Russian Spy Ring in NYC’

Finally…ever think about whether Radiocarbon Dating is really the best way to learn the age of really old stuff? The Institute for Creation Research has some food for thought…

That’s it! Enjoy your weekend!




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