Weekend Reading: February 7, 2015

Welcome to your weekend! It’s Saturday morning and if you have coffee in one hand, and your smart phone in the other, take a peak at some of the most interesting blogs, videos, and articles from this week.

Let’s start with the best blog of the week. It’s a piece by Jon Bloom titled ‘Don’t Give Up’. 

And the award for fascinating story of the week goes to Ron Winslow over at the Wall Street Journal who has a story about how hospitals are the worst places to have heart attacks. 

FREE STUFF ALERT: John Piper has a bunch of free e-books you might want to check out, and this month’s free audiobook from ChristianAudio.com is R.C. Sproul’s ‘Everyone’s a Theologian’ – a must have.

Ravi Zacharias’ ministry has a short video addressing whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God…interesting stuff! 

And Russell Moore has a WSJ op-ed about the way Evangelicals should be thinking about the 2016 elections. Key graph:

“In recent years candidates have assumed that they can win over evangelicals by learning Christian slogans, by masking political rallies as prayer meetings, and by basically producing a long-form new birth certificate to prove they’ve been born again. This sort of identity politics is a luxury of a past era when evangelicals were part of a silent majority in the U.S., with our First Amendment freedoms assumed and guaranteed. That is not the present situation.”

Randy Alcorn is someone I really respect for his ability to think through difficult questions. This week he wrote a blog titled, ‘Some Thoughts for Those Who Are Considering Divorce’ 

Other Considerations for Your Weekend Reading…

‘Creation Story’ – Jill Carattini on the value of individuality

Jordan retaliates for ISIS burning their downed pilot earlier this month…

North Korea threatens U.S. with “Final Doom”

Barry Cooper @ DG looks at the ‘Problem of Your Choices’

Tom Brokaw wants Brian Williams canned after Williams lied about coming under fire…

ISIS is “Selling, Crucifying, Burying Children Alive in Iraq” according to the UN

THAT’S IT!  Go grab another cup of coffee, and enjoy your weekend!



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