Weekend Reading: March 20, 2015

It has been a pretty busy week, so my typical article intake is down to a bare minimum. That being said, I did read some interesting and encouraging items this week, and I hope you enjoy!

First off, if you didn’t watch the news this week then you might have missed a huge election in Israel. PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party scored a comfortable victory, and it seems likely that the PM will remain in his current post. This despite Obama campaign alum efforts to oust the conservative leader who has clashed with the White House on numerous occasions.

Also, Amazon got (high restricted) permission to test its package delivery drones…

Manny Pacquiao was on Fox News Sunday back in February, and I never caught it until this week. Pretty cool answer to why he’s continuing to box.

Best Blog of the Week from Jon Bloom: ‘God Loves Good Wine’

And Vox had an eerie, yet inspiring, first hand account of one lady’s survival of Nazi death camp Auschwitz.

And, my mind must be on Judaism this week, because I also happened to run across this Op-Ed from Michael Douglass (yes the actor) about his own Jewish heritage and how his son is facing issues of discrimination etc. Interesting stuff.

Now, on a more encouraging note…sort of…Nancy Guthrie has a blog post that was very insightful called ‘What Not to Ask Someone Suffering’ that deals with how to gently approach friends and family who are going through painful times.

Two upcoming documentaries of interest hit my radar this week…

There’s going to be an interesting documentary released on the life of Martyn Lloyd Jones. If you don’t know who that is, then check it out here. (h/t Lisa Wenzel)

And for those of you who grew up watching Little House on the Prarie, there’s a new documentary on Laura I. Wilder which might interest you. (h/t my kate)

Now two articles that I’ve been meaning to review and finally got to here have to do with worship on Sunday morning. The first is by Bob Kauflin (sovereign grace music) and is addressing the lighting in the sanctuary, and the second is from Marshall Segal and asks the question, “Do you hear the people sing?” Both make some excellent and worthwhile observations.

That’s it!  Have a great weekend!



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