Weekend Reading: March 27, 2015

Welcome to your weekend! Several interesting articles and videos out there this week. Some of the news items are particularly alarming, but not so alarming that an election or two (or the Gospel!) can’t remedy what ails…

Let’s start with the news from overseas. First, things have been heating up between the Obama Administration and Israel. WSJ first to report that here (paywall), the New York Times has a pretty decent look at how Obama’s chiding of Bibi is actually helping him (even among his adversaries). Most seem to think that Obama has overplayed his hand. And now that the President (still confused as to who his allies/enemies are in the world) has pushed an Iranian nuke deal down the road, it has set off a chain reaction (no pun intended).

And remember when the administration released five Taliban terrorists in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl? Ya, me too. Well this week it was announced that “Bergy” (as his friends would call him if he had any) will be formally charged with ‘desertion.’  Dems playing drinking games based on Obama’s foreign policy missteps have been a sloppy mess all week.

Next, in case you went all amish this week and ignored the outside world, the plane that crashed over the French Alps this week was said to have been downed on purpose when the co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cabin. Pretty alarming – this was able to happen because post 9/11 there are locks on those doors etc…

The top article I haven’t read yet but want to: ‘What Lies Beneath’ 

If you have a Wall Street Journal subscription and didn’t see their editorial on Edward Snowden, check it out, you’ll laugh (after you get over your anger).

And in case you missed it John Kasich is testing the waters for a potential run at POTUS.

Off the wall: Ever wanted to know what you get when you cross a seminary professor and a rapper? What? Not even remotely curious?

WaPo says Benny Hinn hospitalized…holding…back…obvious…sarcasm…

Lifeway Christian bookstores aren’t going to sell anymore of those ridiculous ‘I spent 5-10min in heaven and hung out with angels and dead people’ stories anymore…yeah…probably for the best. (h/t Derek Stone).

Speaking of the Post, they had an interesting article on why Americans will likely not elect an Atheist President any time soon.

For your encouragement…

Tim Challies has a post called ‘How to Pray All Day’ that was pretty decent little read.

Christian Audio has Lee Strobel’s work discounted, and one for free.

Steven Lee rightfully says, ‘We Complain Because We Forget’

I wrote a post addressed to leaders in the church based on a devotional I gave last Sunday afternoon.

Paul Maxwell wrote an excellent little post called ‘Put Laziness to Rest’

I just now finally read Jonathon Woodyard’s post about how ordinary Christianity is radical Christianity. You may not agree, but I think he makes some good points here. 

For fun…Your computer color is broken, what a REAL tree house ought to look like, and Jordan Speith’s really really nice house…

This week there were several really good LONG articles. Great for your weekend!  Here they are…

A few weeks back I read this hilarious post from David Murray on his disastrous honeymoon.  This is long, but its worth the read – whatever you’re going through right now, you ain’t got nothin on this!

Speaking of old articles that I just got to this week, this one by Jon Bloom explores the question ‘Did Tolkien Waste His Life?’  It’s a good question. I mean the man spent years and years inventing fake lands and languages, and for what? Was it all to no avail?

Really interesting read by Yahoo Politics about how Presidents book hotel rooms, and all the ins and outs of where they stay and why when they travel.

Quartz takes a look at spaceware...yes, that’s right, the stuff you’ll be wearing when you and Richard Branson team up for a 9 hole match on the Moon…is made in Brooklyn.

If you’ve ever wondered what campaigning in New Hampshire (or other early Presidential contest states) is all about, you’ll enjoy this long read in Politico Magazine about the courting of NH activists. If you are at all political, I recommend this because it gives you an insight on how important grassroots activists are, and how the game works in the early states.

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend reading!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: March 27, 2015

  1. PJ: Is your link above broken to “The top article I haven’t read yet but want to: ‘What Lies Beneath’”? Is seems that the URL it links to is identical to the previous one: “downed on purpose when the co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cabin.”

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