Weekend Reading: April 10, 2015

Welcome to Masters Weekend! I read a few interesting articles this week, not a ton of items to pass along, but here are a few items worth looking into…

First and foremost, its Masters weekend, so click here for the stream and click here to watch Jack Nicklaus’ par three tourney hole in one!

The Iranian regime is complaining about the framework of the nuclear deal John “Purple heart pitching” Kerry and BHO constructed. Hilariously predictable. These Iranians have a spine of steel, they aren’t going to give up until the Purple Heart Pitcher gives away the store. AIPAC has a new infographic on the framework that might be helpful to you. 

Must-read blog of the week: Rosaria Butterfield on homosexuality. From the perspective of a former Lesbian, this is very powerful and full of helpful insights.

Along similar lines, Mohler talks about sexual orientation. This is longer than it needs to be, but the points he makes are helpful.

Scary article in the WSJ (subscription may be required) called ‘The Hyundaization of the Global Arms Industry’

Joel Beeke had a humbling article on Ligonier’s blog about communication with your kids. 

Along similar lines, Tim Challies blogged about the most important thing his parents did for him. 

How is it exactly that airplanes fly? 

I stumbled on this interesting reading list from respected pastors and theologians. A few insights here.

Lastly, R.C. Sproul, Jr. asks ‘Did Jesus Suffer the Wrath of the Father for All Sinners?’

I hope you enjoy your weekend!



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