Weekend Reading: April 17, 2015

Happy weekend to you all!  This was a very light reading week, but there were a few really good articles.  Pour another cup of coffee and enjoy!

Hillary Clinton announced her run for the White House (close that jaw, I know you’re shocked!). Here’s exclusive video...(h/t David Clementson)

TIm Challies has a list of 7 books he “would definitely read”, the catch? These are books that don’t exist (yet).

It’s playoff time in the NBA and SBNation has the rundown…AND, in case you missed it, Jordan Spieth won the 2015 Masters last weekend. 

Denny Burke has some really interesting writing on reparative therapy and why evangelical Christians are not supporting it much anymore. This is definitely worth the read.

And, ISIS is not only pushing Iraqis out of their homes, they’re setting up shop a little closer to home…

This week was the 150 year anniversary of Abe Lincoln’s death.  The anniversary spawned a number of interesting articles and background pieces. Here’s one from the Gospel Coalition that received promotion from Politico’s Mike Allen, and here’s one that shows the original AP article. Cool stuff!

A new organization in Ohio is prepping young conservatives for the leadership and campaign activism. Check out their good work here. 

A chuckle for the road…


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