Weekend Reading: April 24, 2015

Welcome to your weekend! If you’re in my neck of the woods then you have a rainy cold Saturday to look forward to! And if that’s the case grab another cup of coffee and check out what I found most interesting from this past week…

One of the most fascinating stories of the week involved a 90+ year old man on trial for his involvement/complicity in the murder of 300,000 Jews at the Auschwitz death camp. Al Mohler gives a rundown here. 

It was the 67th Anniversary of Israel becoming a nation this week, and Joel C. Rosenberg linked to a new video put out celebrating the country. 

Along those lines, AIPAC, the pro-Isarel lobbying organization, is urging people to well, urge, their Senators to support the Senate effort to check any Iranian “deal” that the Obama flunkies make. Checks and balances? Sounds good to me.

By the way, while we here in ‘Merica celebrate 4th of July, Mother’s Day, and Easter, the Iranians celebrate…War Day! – (my buddy David C. hilariously remarks that a great Letterman top 10 would have been: ‘presents exchanged on War Day!’)

And since he made a great crack on Iran, David’s forwarded story on how Tom Brady skipped the White House photo opp this week with the Obamanator is getting linked for your enjoyment (h/t David Clementson)

CBS did a special report on Keith Getty – check it out! (Tim Challies was right, they really didn’t understand his sense of humor)

Congrats to my buddy Gregg – apparently his tweets are just as influential as Al Fraken’s…I think that’s a good thing? Speaking of Gregg, there’s an interesting piece on his boy Scott Walker re: faith in politics.

Okay, this is a bit on the wacky side…but…I hope it catches on! (h/t my Katie)

Blog Post of the Week comes from Tim Challies, although he doesn’t get too much credit since he’s mostly quoting John MacArthur.

A short, yet grounding, piece of work over at Desiring God this week that you might find worth the read…

Back to foreign policy…it seemed to me that this week saw an abundance of news stories coming out of Syria about the Assad chemical weapons attacks, even though that happened like 4 weeks ago…

In case you’re interested, here’s what happened last week among the GOP Presidential candidates in New Hampshire. 

Finally, the most interesting longer article I didn’t get a chance to read yet is titled, ‘Why Can’t America Have Great Trains? 

That’s really all you need right? Now go enjoy the day!



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