Weekend Reading: May 2, 2015

Welcome to the weekend! It’s been an exceptionally busy week for me, but I still managed to read and watch some interesting and uplifting stuff. I hope you enjoy!

Bernie Sanders joined the race for President – and raised about $1.5m in 24 hours. Never heard of Bernie Sanders? Where does he stand in the race? Well…

Sanders is losing

The main news story this week was the rioting in Baltimore. And the most popular story coming out of that mess was related to this mom. 

Interestingly, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft crashed into Mercury this week. It basically ran out of gas. But unlike when your car runs out of gas and coasts into a gas station at 2mph, this craft touched down at over 8,700mph creating a 50ft crater in the planet!

Ravi Zacharias is on a mission trip in Armenia to commemorate the 100yr anniversary of the genocide that took place in 1915. Very interesting historical update in his video. 

John Piper posted the latest in a three part series on ‘Look at the Book’ where he examines Matthew 6. I liked video two, ‘Do Not Be Anxious About Tomorrow’


Ligonier Ministries (R.C. Sproul) decided to publish several teaching series on YouTube this week. It signals a minor departure from a pay-per download model.

Russell Moore wrote an article which was published by Desiring God, discussing how the Prosperity Gospel is equivalent to witchcraft. This comes in the wake of Creflo Dollar asking for donations to pay for  new $65million jet.

What does it mean to be ‘Truly Human”? Jill Carattini gives a thoughtful answer.

seinfeldJerry Seinfeld turned 61 this week, and HuffPost has a fun article in honor the comedian. (h/t Katie)

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – a great article about a great hymn (one of my kids’ favorites!)

This week President George W. Bush was asked about some of Obama’s policies, and his answers were surprisingly blunt. 

Jonathan Parnell has a thoughtful article called ‘Die Well’ that I enjoyed earlier this week.

And this is both creepy and hilarious…probably the PERFECT white elephant gift!

Are there unicorns in the Bible? Maybe so…(h/t Katie)

Samaritan Purse has setup a fund to help persecuted Christians in the U.S. – they’ve added the couple who are being forced to pay $135,000 by lawless judges for not baking a cake for a lesbian wedding. According to Fox News, over $100k was raised very quickly to help the family.

Lastly, the one article I didn’t get to read this week but wanted to: ‘Why God’s Will Isn’t Always Clear’

Have a great weekend!



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