Weekend Reading: May 8, 2015

Good Friday morning – the weekend is almost here!  I’ve been keeping up on the news and other interesting items so you don’t have to; now you get to catch up on all that matters over a nice cup of coffee! So here are all the interesting stories and videos worth the click:

In international news, Conservatives wiped the floor with the liberal party in England’s elections – now sure how this happened w/Obama strategist David Axelrod was helping the libs…surprisingly I have yet to find a story about his failure when just days ago the media were proclaiming his brilliance.

Here in America, a major federal court ruled that the Obama NSA’s mass gathering of American’s data is illegal. A pretty significant victory for privacy.

And the hits just keep coming…the U.S. Senate handed our Muslim-loving President a defeat by voting 98-1 in favor of legislation that would give them review authority over the Obama-Kerry Iranian deal. It moves to the House now for their vote.

An interesting post by a mommy blogger who is re-thinking her idea of rest. It’s not terribly deep, but a practical perspective about the selflessness necessary for families to function. (h/t Kate)

Brutally honest blog by Tim Challies called ‘I Have Cursed You’ that is some of his best work.

The BBC has an interesting story about the Austrian castle that was liberated in WWII by both German and American soldiers.

And this is just weird…from the left coast – a fake police force got in some trouble this week, (not surprisingly?) some of those involved are aids to top Dems. So is this the liberal equivalent of state militias???

Provocative column with interesting comments section below about two black men who were cuffed after being pulled over for….having a cracked windshield. The story coming out of Colorado Springs on this seems mixed with different conflicting “facts.” I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon and bash those who have faithfully protected our cities, but at the same time, one has to wonder if there’s an endemic problem among police officers.

Israel, a great place to visit, has great restaurants – but now they’ve taken it to a disturbing new level…

Russell Moore has a great column on finding a mentor this week. Definitely worth skimming.

On the wild side, come click bait from the Weather Channel pertaining to an overgrown fish.

Fantastic post from the Kuyperian peeps re: Manny Pacquiao. 

The Wall Street Journal has a piece about Baltimore entitled ‘Baltimore is Not About Race’ arguing that there is a more comprehensive poverty issue behind it. 

Similarly, Alan Dershowitz comments on the Baltimore felony charges leveled against the police officers who were in charge of Freddy Gray. Dershowitz addresses the injustice of the charges. 

And when you run for president, buying the .org is a good idea lest this happen to you…

Along similar lines, Scott Walker had some pretty hip tweets this week, and Mike Huckabee announced his candidacy. 

Well that’s it – go enjoy your Friday!



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