Weekend Reading: May 23, 2015

Good morning!  Just a few stories and videos for your long weekend here.

This week Jeb Bush declared that there is no constitutional right for gay marriage. Bush, a staunch Catholic, said many things that I think most evangelicals will agree with.

There’s a fascinating story in the Washington Post (of all places) about how the folks in Jerusalem are running out of places to bury their family members. 

No doubt you saw this week that the government (ours) released a categorized list of the books found in Osama’s hideout. Frankly, it’s just the sort of collection you’d expect, almost a caricature you’d see on SNL or something.  One book was ‘Military Intelligence Blunders’ another was ‘Guerilla Air Defense: Antiaircraft Weapons and Techniques for Guerilla Forces’ yet another ‘America’s Strategic Blunders’.

A long-ish article from Bloomberg opinion writers who read the fine print of JP Morgan’s (and other banks) non-apology apology to investors upon receiving a slap on the wrist for defrauding their customers. Basically they’re saying “hey, we’re banks, that’s what we’re in business to do is defraud, cheat and steal!”

You’ve heard of social media shaming, but this takes it to a new (low?) place! DNA used to publicly shame litterers….

Speaking of social media, the latest viral video this week to hit Facebook was of a man (apparently a Brazilian off duty volunteer policeman) who comes home, pulls his car into his garage, and then almost gets burglarized…almost…

Finally, Trevin Wax addresses the question of whether you should run from a bad church situation or not. Not a long column, but a few thoughtful words that you may find useful.

Every once in  while I like to update folks on what books I’m reading or have read. Now that my seminary semester has concluded I’m reading a lot more. Right now I’m reading an interesting book on the Federal Reserve (in all its evilness), a great Biblical Theology from Tom Schreiner, and just finished Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you will get a kick out of this audible book…


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