Weekend Reading: May 29, 2015

The weekend is upon us, which means there are articles and videos to check out.  For every one of these I share, there’s several I don’t. If you stumble on something good, feel free to send it along!

Let’s start with gross immorality. Money corrupts people whose treasure isn’t found in Christ alone (e.g. former speaker Hastert indicted this week). But no one can top the work of Bill and Hillary Clinton. When you have the New York Times decrying your “tacky” behavior you know you’re in trouble. Substitute “tacky” for “flagrantly immoral” and you’re closer to the mark.

In a similar vein, the first of HRC’s State Dept. emails came out this week. Already its looking as if she knew that the Benghazi killings were not caused by protests over an internet video. I began thinking back to that time and wondered how anyone could have believed that nonsense in the first place – why? Well, possibly because radical Islam’s followers have killed for less. So, ya, sounds plausible…just not this time.

In more political news, Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s political team signaled that he’s likely to run for President with an announcement coming later this summer.

Sad news this week that Princeton Mathematician John Nash and his wife were killed in a car accident. This is the couple portrayed in the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ with Russell Crowe.

Now for some more upbeat items…

Jared Wilson cited an analogy from John Piper re: the work of the Holy Spirit before the NT Pentecost. 

A nice post by Jonathan Parnell on how he explained the balance of God’s love and His Glory to his son. Is God all about love or is He all about glory? Are the two mutually exclusive?

A helpful post that was linked by Tim Challies this week called ‘Leaving and Cleaving’ with some good tips for young married couples.

Justin Taylor posted an extensive reading list for kids through 8th grade. Lots of helpful direction can be found here for those wondering what kids should be reading and when. (h/t my Kate)

Interesting and helpful post from Nathan Bingham on his first week with the Apple Watch.

Prepare to laugh…if you’ve never seen the Luther Insulter you should…someone then applied that to the Bill Clinton of christianity.

Humorous yet still insightful post over at the Cripplegate this week on minimalism. 

Powerful post by Tim Challies called ‘To the Other Woman’s Embrace’

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend – and remember, stay in prayer and in the Word, and stay away from banking fraud, Benghazi emails, and Bill Clinton.


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