Weekend Reading: June 5, 2015

Welcome to the weekend! It’s Friday and there’s a lot going on in the world. If you’re new to Weekend Reading, then what you’re about to get is a list of the most interesting articles, blogs, videos and more that I consumed during the week. All compiled in one place, with a side of commentary!

Let’s start with the big news of the week.  First, the US Gov got hacked. Initial officials are blaming China, but who knows.

And Bruce Jenner was (once again) the talk of the town (country…world??) with the Vanity Fair cover shoot featuring his new transgender look.  Jon Bloom over at DG offers insight on how Christians ought to respond to such depravity. The Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution on this type of thing a while back, and the Gospel Coalition had a post on the 9 things you should know about Transgenerism (is it even an “ism”? Thankfully my spell check tells me no…I’m sure that will change soon).

There’s a rather interesting piece on FP.com that discusses how ISIS is turning Humvees into “hell on wheels.”

If you’re in Columbus this weekend (and why wouldn’t you be?!), then you’ll want to check out the Memorial Tournament pairings. 

Ever wonder how artists and their labels make money from Spotify? The Wall Street Journal has a story on just that (paywall…oh the irony).

Stephen Nichols attempted to give an overview of the entirety of Christian church history in only 5 minutes. It’s part of a celebration of his 100th episode of ‘5 Minutes in Church History’ which is a podcast that gives little blips of church history in 5min.

Big expose this week on the Red Cross’ work in Haiti. I honestly didn’t read all of this, but a skimming should do…

Maybe you’ve noticed the difficulty of singing on a Sunday morning. It sort of hits you that “hey, no one else is singing either…” here’s a little blog that got attention this week on why this might be...(h/t Shannon C and Matt R – this was a popular article this week!)

I think it was Challies who linked to this post a few days ago. The author decries the famous personality tests you’re all familiar with – not simply a slam job here, but a thoughtful reasoning on why we shouldn’t make them the be all end all.  I really have to agree. Mostly because 1. They are so general and 2. People learn you’re an “ENTJ” (or whatever) and suddenly all the judgments are made and they start acting like they know all about you and drawing conclusions on your behavior like they’re social scientists from the Ivy League! “Oh ya…well that totally makes sense that Jim said that – you know he’s a choleric, right?” The same can be said for these Christian “spiritual gifts” surveys to a degree. Here’s my point: they are helpful to a degree, but overall they really just give people less reason to get to actually know one another and use their own discernment and analysis based on what they know. (okay, soapbox put away…)

You have kids? Well, this might make you laugh (h/t my Katie)

And did anyone notice that cappuccinos have disappeared off the Starbucks menu? Here’s the likely reason why… 

The WSJ also looked at why people seem to be scoring higher and higher on IQ tests as the decades progress…interesting stuff, though the article ends on an oddly inconclusive note (might be a paywall…)

Another reason to subscribe to the WSJ: Great write-up this week on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta!

Here’s a write up on a new hymnal that’s been assembled. I just received my copy and the kids are really enjoying it – as am I!  Well put together, and really a cool compilation.

All I can say to this is…wow

Lastly, a hilarious tongue in cheek tweet from Pastor Jared Wilson…

That’s it! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your weekend!


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