Weekend Reading: September 11, 2015

Welcome to the weekend!  I’m writing today from sunny coastal N. Carolina. So while I’ve been on vacation, I’ve not had my normal diet of articles and blogs, but here are a few good ones I read during the week. Enjoy – and take a few minutes to remember the fallen heroes from 14 years ago.

The next Presidential debate (GOP) is coming right up. Here are the folks who made the stage.  Also, there was a really funny story in WaPo about one not-so-intense Presidential campaign. 

Maybe some of you saw this, but Tim Challies put together an infographic on what he’s termed ‘heaven tourism’ that’s pretty interesting and a little off the wall.

The article of the week: Frank Bruni at the New York Times on how quantity time is more important than so-called quality time.  

Apple revealed their new Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad – new A9 chips for these devices. Here’s a hands-on demo of the new (huge) iPad (h/t Parris P.)

Blog of the Week: When Garrett Gilkey, a guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, went down with a painful injury last week, he decided to write about his experience and his hope. Fantastic that he could write this so soon after such a painful injury.

So, for you foodies, nutritionalists, and all organic types (I guess I fit in here somewhere), you might be interested to know that Starbucks has some known cancer causing ingredients in their pumpkin spice this that and the other thing.

The (sort of) big news of the week was that Kim Davis was freed from jail. Who knows how long that will last…

And my friend James Genovese wrote up a heart warming article about a black cop, a white speedster, and how some Christ-inspired kindness went viral. 

If you’re a golf fan, you may have heard that CBS isn’t renewing David Feherty’s contract. So here are some Feherty-isms that will certainly make you chuckle (h/t Alex W.).

The folks at the Federalist are wondering if this email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton will finally be the scandal that sinks the Clintons…

Finally, Michael Gerson has a strongly worded column on Syria and the Obama Administration’s complete and utter failure to prevent genocide over there. 

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend and grab another cup of coffee for me!



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