Weekend Reading: October 3, 2015

Welcome to your weekend!  This will be a more abbreviated edition of the weekend due to sermon prep for tomorrow (thankfully) occupying my time.  Nonetheless, consider checking out these articles!

The big news of the week is the shooting in Oregon, my home state. It seems that the shooter was singling out followers of Christ and executing them. This is tragic and we ought to pray for the families of the victims, remember how that to be identified with Jesus is a serious thing. It is to “loose your life” in order to gain eternal life. And what a life that is!  May the God of comfort be with those families. 

This act of terror brought to mind what the nation went through 14 years ago. And recently I saw this great ESPN 30 for 30 short on the ceremonial first pitch that President Bush tossed out during the 2011 World Series. Baseball fan or no, this will bring goosebumps and a renewed appreciation for the American Spirit.

This week FT wrote about an interesting new advance in the science of memory. They are working toward capturing moments of life – waves of energy – so that they’re accessible for those who have lost much of their memory function. Fascinating stuff…

In case you were wondering, the latest in the presidential race (on the GOP side) is that Carson and Trump are neck and neck in the national polls. We are a little over three weeks away until the next debate – this one will be hosted by CNBC.  

Speaking of presidential stuff, may God protect us from this nonsense…

And this is probably the best Blog I read all week. It’s the story of an NBA player who has suffered several years of injury, but says that God is using it to break him of his idolatry. 

Perhaps the most interesting story of the week was linked by Challies and involves a man, a whammy, and a baffled network. It all led to ruin…

Video of the week!  An airplane, a hanger, and a lot of nuts and bolts. 

And did you know??? …the Pope did a meet and greet with that KY clerk during his trip to the states?!  What do you think of that? I have to say I thought that was probably the bravest thing he did on the junket. 

This is funny – Jason Gay at the Wall Street Journal has a humorous piece for sports fans as a follow up to the big WSJ write up on the dangers of sitting all day.  

Speaking of danger…New York liberals are competing for the title of holder of the most dangerous ideology in their ridiculous bid to honor KGB spy Ethel Rosenberg. 

Can Facebook predict whether your parents are divorced??   Yes. Yes it can. 

Lastly, two helpful things, check out this short book review on a new release re: common core. I ordered the book for the preface alone.  AND if you’d like to clean out your GMAIL this article by the guys at Wired will prove super helpful!  

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend!



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