Weekend Reading: October 31, 2015

Welcome to a Halloween edition of the Weekend Reading. Here are the best stories, videos, and more from the week – at least what I enjoyed most! I’m going to zoom through this a bit this AM since I’m watching the kids and the puppy without the help of Kate (which means I’m up to my ears in legos, match box cars, and poop!).

Let’s start with Ligonier’s cool deal: They are offering any edition of their Reformation Study Bible for 45% off until tonight if you use the CHALLIES code. The idea is to celebrate Reformation Day. Read more about the deal here. I really enjoy this study Bible, and think most folks of a more conservative persuasion would as well.

Were you like me and skipped watching the Dem Presidential Debate? Never fear!  Bad lip reading is here! (“she makes dynamite pinto beans”….you will laugh)

Speaking of debates, there was much public outcry over the lackluster CNBC moderators during the GOP debate this week.  Here’s a montage of moderator John Harwood’s most ill-behaved moments. And if you need a recap of the best parts, Politico has a list of the 15 most explosive moments. Lastly, here’s Roll Call’s winners/losers list. 

This week someone pointed out to me that Donald Trump handles the press like Heinz Kissvelvet (h/t you know who you are) and I’m not sure they’re too far off!

HISTORY TIME! National Journal compiled the 10 Worst Moments in Presidential Debate History. 

WaPo posted a hilarious Gif bingo of Donald Trump expressions pre-debate. Scroll down to see the game – complete with the ability to “shuffle” and “clear” the board to start over. So. Funny!

NOTE to my friends in Dublin: don’t forget to vote this Tuesday. I’m going to be supporting my friend Chris Groomes for city council. I really like what she’s been saying about “smart development” – she’s sharp!

It’s looking like over 85 percent of likely voters say the US is in bad shape (shameless promotion of my own firm’s poll)

Roundup: Trump says $1m isn’t much money, John Kasich get’s Dick Army’s endorsement, but then gets in a tussle with the Sixers and responds with a video showing off his skilz. WaPo asked if Bernie Sanders will be our first Agnostic President. And the NY Times had an interesting profile piece on Carly Fiorina’s term as CEO of HP.

In Canada this week the country elected a majority of the left leaning party up there, and it seemed discouraging to see a country slide back to the stone age with “progressive” ideas. I say stone age, because it was ancient cultures who (like the new Prime Minister up north) thought nothing of exposing their infants, and committed acts of gross immorality to please the gods (and their own licentious appetites). But reflecting on all of this, Tim Challies wrote with some great perspective. Best quote:

The temptation is not only to put my hope in politicians but to put my despair in them as well. I will be tempted not only to find too much joy in the election of the person I voted for, but also to sink too far into despair in the election of the person I did not.

Shocking new pictures from the migration into Europe (mostly Syrian refugees fleeing the tyranny of the Assad regime). Western Europe is in a crisis due to this, but the obvious solution would have been to stand up to Russia, and obliterate Assad before the problem got this far. Decades of European weakness have consequences.  You might be thinking “okay, but that is on the other side of the world, who cares?” Well, imagine a South American dictator gassing their people and terrorizing an entire nation until millions made their way north to the US/Mexico border (if such a thing exists). Imagine your entire neighborhood having to evacuate – you hurriedly pack up your laptop, cell phone, and as much food as you can fit into backpacks. You start down the street your kids once rode bikes on, and realize that there’s no turning back. No cars – you’re walking the whole way – with 2 million of your neighbors. There’s no second option – your President has been releasing gas from airplanes all week, in order to “subdue the populace”.  I can’t imagine this ever happening in America, but it doesn’t stop me from putting myself in these folks’ shoes, and praying for them as they seek out a better life.

The 80’s called and wants their headline back: Afghanistan is now seeking out the help of Russia for military equipment. 

The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan wrote a biography styled essay called ‘Peggy Noonan’s Education in News Craft‘ which was interesting (h/t Challies)

There’s a big debate about how useful Black Friday shopping really is for retailers. REI has kicked off the conversation due to their announcement that they’ll not be open that day. Instead, they are encouraging people to be out and about in nature (ya, ya…it will be cold…)

And on a funny note, Jonathan Last (a serious writer) wrote that there are 9 Reasons why the Jedi are Actually the Bad Guys in Star Wars. I can’t help but agree with pretty much everything he says here…(h/t Alex W.)

That’s it! Now go and have a wonderful day – and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!




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