Weekend Reading: February 26, 2016

Welcome to the weekend! Here are the top stories and videos and more that I read this week.  I fear this is going a “speed” version due to time constraints!

I enjoyed these 9 “zingers” from Justice Scalia and also this column from my old boss Ken Blackwell on Scalia’s memorial service, writing for Family Research Council.

PRESIDENTIAL: Speaking of FRC, they wrote up a scathing, and perhaps deserved, action alert against Gov. Kasich this week. I was disappointed by the lack of eloquence by the Governor on this issue, and wish he would have spoken more strongly in favor of our first amendment rights, even as he was trying to thread a delicate cultural needle.

MORE on the presidential front…Real Clear Politics co-founder made a great case for Kasich staying the race. Meanwhile Rubio had a very strong debate last night, even earning the endorsement of uber-conservative Red State editors. Much of their endorsement hinged on electoral arguments.

If you missed the debate, the Washington Post has a nice 3 minute summary HERE. 

Also, this interesting view from Bloomberg columnist Al Hunt on why Cruz isn’t out of the mix yet, and Rubio isn’t a shoo-in. During the debate last night, there was a very terse (and entertaining) back and forth between Trump and Rubio on healthcare. Here’s a story about it. Earlier in the week there was some drama in Cruz world – he had to fire his communications director (a senior position in campaign world).  Finally, Chris Cillizza argues somewhat convincingly that Trump has major math on his side. 

HilariousDonald Trump Clearly Doesn’t Understand How Dogs Work

DisgustingDonald Trump Said A Lot Of Gross Things About Women On “Howard Stern” – NOTE: this definitely contains mature and disgusting content…if you click on this, ask yourself this: is this man worthy to be President of the United States?

Frightening: Donald Trump: We’re going to ‘open up’ libel laws

Read more: Donald Trump: We’re going to ‘open up’ libel laws

Well Said: Death of Antonin Scalia accentuates the importance of elections for American public and private life

NeRd AlErT: Delegate Allocation by State

Best Blog of the Week: Sex on the Silver Screen. If this doesn’t chill you to the bone, and make you rethink your casual viewing habits, then I don’t know what will.

Essential Reading: Socialism is Evil. Rick Phillips at his best. He says, “To students of such arcane history as the 20th Century, the prospect of socialism is chilling.  There is a reason why some Americans want to erect a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, whereas socialist countries have built their walls to keep people in.”

Best Post I haven’t read yet: NIKABRIK’S CANDIDATE (h/t Adam J.)

Whose Surprised? While US Attorney General, Eric Holder Used Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Birth Name as His Official Email Address


Spectacular! – Video of the week.

ICYMI: Ramón Castro, elder brother of Cuban leaders Fidel and Raúl, dies at 91…”and there was much rejoicing” – Monty Python

Best excuse for sin ever: A Brazil woman’s plastic surgery turned her into a kleptomaniac…guess this proves oxygen is a good thing…

Most interesting article of the week according to Challies, but it was actually sent to me from by my friend Dennis L….‘Research Has Spoken: This Is the Number One Predictor of Divorce’ —- Lots to digest here, and I’d say that there is a lot of truth to this one. Funny how many years it took researchers to figure this out scientifically, when all they had to do is open the Bible open and read a few verses…

Fantastic: The dangers of DIY spirituality.  Key graph, “Spiritually speaking, we’re like the stereotypical man driving around lost, refusing to ask for directions, unable to see that our pride only evidences our desperate need. Or in the more frightening picture offered by journalist Mark Vernon, we’re like participants in an extreme sport who take neither safety precautions nor seek coaching.”

Tim Challies helpfully writes this week on the spiritual disease that is ravaging this world. Here’s the best quote, “Satan specializes in transforming blessings into curses, and we see undeniable evidence of his handiwork in the world around us. Affluence is meant to be a blessing, not a curse. Wealth is meant to be a joyful responsibility that frees us to do good to others and bring glory to God. It is a curse only when it turns into full-blown affluenza, when we shift our allegiance from the One who gives the gift to the gift itself.”

That’s it!  Have a great weekend!!



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