Weekend Reading: May 21, 2016

Welcome to the weekend, and an abbreviated version of the Weekend Reading!  Why not too many articles this week? I guess I simply didn’t read a lot that was worth passing along.  But here is what you might find interesting…

Donald Trump released a list of folks he would consider appointing to the Supreme Court if he were elected in the fall. The Wall Street Journal seems impressed…

Nothing is certain with Mr. Trump, but that’s far preferable to the certainty that Hillary Clinton would nominate a down-the-line liberal. The direction of the Supreme Court for a generation is up for grabs in November, and Mr. Trump’s list makes him far superior to Mrs. Clinton on that score.

This is sort of what I brought up last week, and what I think the dialogue needs to be around. I’m not certain I can pull the trigger on voting for Trump, nor am I saying you should vote for him, I am just saying that Christian conservatives need to wrestle with whether it is conscionable to vote for Trump based on the Supreme Court situation. That may seem overly pragmatic, but I think its at least worth wrestling with.

Speaking of the White House, someone was shot by the police this week while attempting to enter the secure building. Maybe I’ve watched too many Sean Connery/Harrison Ford/James Bond style action flicks, but I don’t think any of their daring break-ins to high security buildings involved forcing their way into the building in broad daylight…

This was new to me: ‘Why Do Old Books Smell So Good?’  – Maybe you’ll disagree with the “good” part, but at the very least you may find it interesting how scientists use book odor to determine its age.

There was a story on the BBC this week about how the biggest bank in China bought a place to story a bunch of gold in London. So what, right? Typical headline you might see in the financial section. But for some reason, this story struck me as pretty interesting. The adjectives “massive”, and “secret” were tossed around pretty liberally…

Were you worried about what might happen to the country if Hillary Clinton is elected President? Oh don’t sweat it! Turns out Bill will run the economy, so no worries…Sort of separately, Karl Rove had a column this week that wasn’t worth linking to, but asked the question “what if Clinton is indicted?” His answer is basically that the DNC will have to appoint Biden or someone in her place. No great revelations there…

Funny: In Effort To Woo Moderates, Trump Considers Not Building Wall Until Second Decade Of Presidency

One of the pleasures of being a dad of three small kids is that they ask great questions. This week one of them was ‘What’s the fastest car in the world dad???‘ Here’s what we stumbled upon. 

And what is the deal with this…it sort of reads like the Onion, but strangely enough I don’t think its a satire! ‘Jeopardy and Canadians: Lawyers stumped on reasons for ban’

Jonah Goldberg: Millennials embrace socialism, but do they know what it is? The answer? Obviously NO

Just a few headlines about this little Oklahoma situation: Oklahoma passes bill making performing abortions a felony. I’m not legal scholar, but I’m pretty sure that this comes into conflict with that whole federal law dealeo.  Hopefully this provides some kind of president which gets the ball rolling on overturning Roe V. Wade…but again, I’m no legal scholar…

Despite the condescending headline, I enjoyed this story: Golfers Join the Rest of World, Use Data

Probably the best blog I read this week was from Tim Challies called, ‘There Is No Place for Regret’. He’s quoting from A.W. Tozer, and here’s a good one:

The desire to be pleasing to God is commendable, certainly, but the effort to please God by self-effort is not, for it assumes that sin once done may be undone, an assumption wholly false.

That’s it for today!  As I said, a short read, but I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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