Weekend Reading: June 25, 2016

Good morning!  I’m in the middle of a daddy-daughter campout, and being as I’m the first one up, I thought I’d send you an abbreviated version of the weekend reading.  Tons of interesting stuff this week, so let’s get going…

The big news that most folks already read about was BREXIT.  Although its a complex situation, and I can see good arguments on both sides, I’m glad that the British decided to leave.  I wouldn’t want my country beholden to the spinelessness of unelected commissioners in Brussels, no matter what the economic benefits. But that’s just me – actually its me plus 52% of Britain!

As a follow up to that: Dispensationalists Frantically Adjust End-Times Charts To Include Brexit Vote (h/t Parris and Alex W.).  Pretty darn funny.

Similarly important news: Issue Of Playboy Magazine Apologizes After Being Spotted In Picture With Jerry Falwell, Jr.

More bad news for the Olympics: Rory McIlroy Says He Won’t Attend Olympics Over Zika Concerns

On Capitol Hill this week: Escaped ISIS sex slave tells Congress of horrors – note how Liberal Dem Carper tries to put words in this young lady’s mouth…disgusting

Live Long and Prosper: Trump Is Surrounding Himself With Evangelical Pastors

This is a big problem: Donald Trump Starts Summer Push With Crippling Money Deficit

AUDIO: Post-Orlando this is a great Christian perspective from R.C. Sproul 

MORE AUDIO: This is really really interesting stuff from Al Mohler. He dives into how one of the big scholars of the Harvard Divinity school has been exposed for some major error she’s been pushing. It’s really fascinating stuff surrounding the topic of whether Jesus was married.

MORE MORE AUDIO: Powerful Stuff: Does Netflix Make Christ More Precious to You?  Tid-Bit:

Counting all things loss means that I always deal with things in the world in a way that shows the world they are not my treasure. How do you do that? Well, figure that out. The world is watching you at work for what your treasure is.

One of my favs from the week – Ray Ortland, Jr. on his father: 10 Unforgettable Lessons on Fatherhood From the post:

He was not impressed with worldly success and going to the right schools and all that pretense and bluff. He wanted something better for me, something I had to find on my own. But I never doubted how urgently he desired for me a clear call from God on my life. And I did receive it, partly because my dad didn’t intrude himself into it but cheered me on as I followed the Lord myself.

That’s all I have time for today – enjoy the weekend!





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