Men’s Campout 2014: Pictures and Video

Last weekend was our 6th annual men’s campout – and it was a fantastic time of fun and fellowship!  Men gathered together for cornhole, go-cart/yard-cart racing, a canoe trip, great food, riffle and handgun shooting, and challenging messages from Pastor Dennis Lankford.

Dennis’ notes can be downloaded by clicking on the link: 1Discipleship-men’s campout master.

Scott Huber also took the time to introduce us us to Viking Chess (or “Kubb” which You can get the game online now, though Scott made his own).

The Go-Carts were probably the biggest hit of the weekend and, thanks to Parris’ video skills, we have included Ben Frank’s winning yard-cart time trial (below). Also, below are some pictures from the event.  Thank you to all who participated and who helped setup and tear down – especially to our two hosts Dan and Resa Lynn, and Rick and Jen Shugert.





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