Weekend Reading: August 29, 2014 Labor Day Edition

Welcome to your Weekend Reading – Labor Day edition! As you gear up (or begin to relax) for the holiday weekend I’ve got a few articles, videos and other interesting items for you to check out below.  Have a great weekend!


Let’s start with a blog post from R.C. Sproul, Jr titled ‘So Much Drama’.  This is a great little piece that hit my inbox at just the right moment this week.

Jim Carattini over at Ravi Zacharias’ ministry RZIM has a nice little devotional called ‘Making a Name’ that I think you’ll enjoy. (h/t Tony Nasvik for having me subscribe to RZIM’s ministry emails)

Tim Challies posted what he considered the ’10 Greatest Hymns of All Time’ 

Speaking of Mr. Challies, he posted a cool little article on how to better utilize Evernote if you’re a Kindle aficionado.  This is pretty cool stuff!

The New Republic has an article that provides an insightful perspective on the ground in Israel. This is a must read for anyone curious about this war between the terrorist group Hamas and Israel. (h/t Uri Goldflam)

John Piper released a short Look at the Book video entitled ‘Precious and Great Promises.  It’s 9 minutes long and is really fantastic.  This is one to have the kids watch as well because they’ll see how he takes a passage from 2 Peter and exposits the truth line-by-line.

Speaking of videos – Dr. Peter Jones has teamed up with Ligonier Ministries to produce a new teaching series entitled ‘Only Two Religions’.  It looks like its going to be pretty interesting…Speaking of which, Dr. Sproul released a new teaching series earlier in the week that looks to be based on his book ‘Not a Chance’ and focuses on science – specifically I’m guessing that it will focus on the incongruity of some of the secular world’s belief in the Big Bang with the laws of physics and other such items…

Neat story over at FP this week called ‘The Political Magic of Roads’. It’s all about how democracy (and even the gospel!) flourishes when there’s good infrastructure in place.  But what comes first, the roads or the democracy?

Gene Veith has an important column about why he’s not taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Al Mohler refocuses our attention on how we need to govern our response to Ferguson. 

Erik Erikson slams the Obama Administration for their non-existent strategy in the middle east.  This comes in light of the President revealing that he doesn’t have a plan yet for how to handle ISIS.

And lastly, moron “pastor” Ed Young receives some attention for a 3-part sermon series on drones…yes drones (he compares God to drones…)

That’s it for this weekend – now go roast some dogs and burgers!



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