Weekend Reading: February 20, 2015

Another busy week has left me interested in relaxing a bit this weekend, however, that may not be in the cards! I did read and pick up a few interesting articles and videos this week that are worth sharing. This is a relatively light list, so enjoy – and stay warm!

Speaking of COLD – check out this interesting article called ‘How to Survive Winter in Antarctica’ – I found it fascinating that for so many months its SO dark. I’ll go ahead and pass on any winter job opportunities in this region, thank you.

And for those of you who think that social media snark won’t ever catch up to you, this article from the New York Times will put some caution into your typing…Frankly, this article ought to remind everyone that social media is forever AND its a public forum. You aren’t whispering under your breath, and you aren’t just talking to two or three close friends (most of the time). This is the public square, and you shouldn’t write anything here that you wouldn’t want published on the front page of the paper…or in this case, the New York  Times!

And the libs over at Huffpo actually did something worthwhile this week by compiling the Top 10 Political Sketches of All Time.  I found the Bill Clinton McDonalds one (because its one of my favs) and literally laughed out loud!

On to theology...the Gospel Coalition has a short article (which is just an excerpt from GK Beale’s excellent Revelation Commentary) on why the number of the beast in Revelation is ‘666.’

Speaking of evil beings – I meant to shoot this out last week. It’s a video that explains the One Ring from the Tolkein series. And, actually, it does a pretty darn good job. If you’ve never touched the ‘Silmarillion’, but have seen the Lord of the Rings movies, this will prove most satisfying. (h/t Lisa Wenzel)

Some of you might know that Al Mohler does a daily briefing (imaginatively named ‘The Briefing’) that pertains to politics and news analyzed from a Christian worldview. On the 17th his briefing was very good indeed. He addressed how Evolution has been in the news lately, and how politicians have been answering it. Worth listening to.

Two eye-popping news stories to keep on your radar this week were 1. ISIS burning 45 Christians to death on an African Beach and 2. Russian aggression now pushing boundaries even into British airspace…….

Lastly, if you’re a mother and have ever read CS Lewis’ ‘Screwtape Letters’, then you’ll really appreciate this blog post on Desiring God written from a similar perspective. Very creative stuff here!

That’s it! Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!



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