Weekend Reading: February 27, 2015

Hello from sunny Nevada!  I know this is really late to be posting the weekend reading, but with travel and work this week there has been minimal time for any recreational reading or blogging.  Nevertheless, here are a few items that I hope you’ll enjoy as you relax this weekend!

First – the revelation (not that it is any surprise) that Hillary Clinton’s top aides knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack (and not some nonsensical reaction to a YouTube video) from the early moments of the news out of Libya.

And in (related?) other news, a new report out this week says that the US Military has shrunk significantly under President Obama – apparently to levels barely adequate to defend the homeland. 

Ligonier Ministries held their annual conference this past weekend, the messages are online now for free.  ALSO – R.C. Sproul has released a new album of hymns he’s been working on for some time now. Check those out here, and see the making of video here.

David Murry has a post utilizing Jonathan Edwards’ thoughts on food and drink and their enjoyment. A few enjoyable nuggets and a good perspective.

Lastly, if you’ve been a Christian for a while and have read several different versions of the Bible, then you’ll find this next article hilarious – it’s called ‘If All the Bible Translations Had a Dinner Party’ – worth the laugh (h/t my Kate).

That’s it! Go enjoy your weekend!



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