Weekend Reading: March 6, 2015

Welcome to your weekend! I think we are CLOSE, so close to spring! But for now, its still cold, there is still ice on my walkway (or “fall-way” as I’m dubbing it now), and snow is still on the ground.  So grab a cup of something warm and check out these stories from the past week…

To the left coast we go…Harrison Ford crashed his 1942 fighter airplane into the 8th hole of a golf course this week.  He seems okay though…Some might recall that in the recent past Ford broke his leg somehow on the door of the Millennium Falcon while shooting the new Star Wars flick. This guy is as clumsy around airplanes as I am on the ice!


Speaking of Hollywood – the guys over at Covenant Eyes (a firm devoted to protecting families from pornography) put together a video re:50 things to know about 50-shades of Grey (the movie/book).  I’m posting this a bit late since the movie came out 2 weeks ago, but I don’t mind pilling on and warning good people away from polluting their minds.

IMPORTANT STORY ALERT (not really…but its pretty darn funny): The Bank of Canada has their shorts in a twist over the mass “Spocking” of their 5 dollar bill!  (h/t my Kate)


I clicked over to the New Republic this week to read a piece on Hillary Clinton, but it was super-duper boring. What I ended up reading was this much more interesting article on the evolution of the American Mall. 

This week John MacArthur’s Masters Seminary is hosting a conference on Biblical Inerrancy. Lots of peeps flocking to participate, and in the meantime, R.C. Sproul (one of the speakers) posted this very helpful little blog re: why its an important subject. 

Tim Challies' photo from the Inerrancy Summit in CA.
Tim Challies’ photo from the Inerrancy Summit in CA.

WACKY: Not sure what to think of this one…

In political news…Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is causing her some trouble, particularly as it relates to Benghazi.

And…the Supreme Court is debate Obamacare stuff again – this is round 3.

And you may have heard that Israel PM Netanyahu addressed the US Congress this week. It was a big deal…Here’s the analysis from Al Mohler. Here’s the CNN story about how tweaked our POTUS was about it. 

And I forgot to mention this last week, but in case you missed it, a major Putin critic found himself on the wrong end of a contract hit and wound up dead not far from the Kremlin…ya, seriously…

NERD ALERT: Sometimes folks ask me what books I’ve been reading, so here’s what I finished last week: ‘Blood Feud‘ by Ed Klein which was a really interesting look inside the Clinton/Obama drama-filled relationship(s), ‘Christ-Centered Biblical Theology’ by Grahame Goldsworthy was a great read and I’d recommend it to every pastor reading this because it helps articulate a Christ-centered hermeneutic with helpful suggestions and analysis. Similarly, I finished a short book by G.K. Beale on how to properly handle the NT use of the OT – good for Bible teachers and pastors, though it can be highly technical at times. Finally, last week I read ‘Zillow Talk’ which was a fascinating look inside the real estate market by the men who founded and run the Zillow App.

ON DECK: Books being devoured right now include work by Steven LawsonRichard Lints, Nancy Pearcey, J.R.R. Tolkein, and George W. Bush.  Reading THIS devotionally and its wonderful.

That’s it! Enjoy your weekend!



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