Weekend Reading: June 12, 2015

Welcome to your weekend – almost! This week I read a ton of interesting articles, blog posts and the like.  Here are the best of the best from the world of politics, government, culture, and Christianity for your enjoyment…

Let’s start in the world of sports. There’s a team from Cleveland very close to winning the first major sports championship for that city in 50 years(!). Some are beginning to speculate (again) if LeBron really is the best of all time. His stats seem to indicate this is the case, but I just don’t think you can compare Golden State to the competitors Jordan faced in his day (plus Jordan was, well, Jordan).

In the world of politics, Lindsay Graham introduced a new abortion bill that conservatives like, the NY Times’ “investigative reporting” on Marco Rubio generated outrage that he had speeding tickets…and also generated a hilarious sketch by Jon Stewart.  The New Republic wrote an article about how Bernie Sanders’ hippie roots. The Federalist says that the climate change debate is over, and the environmentalists have lost.  Donald Trump seems to be serious about running for President, and heck, why not?  National Review published an interesting breakdown of how Presidential candidates spend their campaign money. And in advance of (yet another) relaunch of Hillary Clinton’s flailing campaign, the RNC (national GOP) has released an amusing document on all things HRC from failed 2014 book tour to shady associates.

On the lighter side, Thursday was seersucker day in Washington. Doesn’t it make you happy to know our elected officials are spending your money in style?

If you travel at all (as I’m writing this from an airport) you’ll enjoy this article called ’12 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Airports’ (h/t Tim Challies)

The most interesting post I didn’t get to read this week: A Dinosaur infographic. 

Read a classic article from R.C. Sproul on how Christians ought to view history. Very good stuff here.

And Tony Reinke wrote a challenging blog about how most of us reach for our phones in the morning, and perhaps we should start the day in another way…

When Napoleon Met His Waterloo, He was Out of Town…

I didn’t get to post this last week, but John Piper wrote a great little message called ‘Unless God gives you God’ that is worth your time. Key line, “You have to slay that promise of pleasure with the promise of a superior pleasure. And in the end, the highest pleasure is knowing, loving, and delighting in the glory of God manifest in Jesus Christ, which means it has been liberated from sin.”

Along equally good lines, Tim Challies posted his 10 favorite quotes from Sproul’s ‘Chosen by God’.

Erik Erikson wrote an interesting and really thoughtful post about the ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to student debt (and other things).

Best video of the week HERE.  Love our Piper prizes the Word. (I read a fair bit of sproul and piper this week, can you tell??)

And your watchword for the week: Don’t drink Camel Urine!!! 

Fascinating rundown of the long history of Seal Team 6 (take with a grain of salt…it is the NY Times…)

Fascinating story 2 re: future events predicted by the way atoms move (or something like that?) h/t Paul Crawford

And…why does the cable bundle even exist??? The Wall Street Journal has the answer and the history behind it.

That’s it!  Now go enjoy your weekend!



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