Weekend Reading: June 19, 2015

Welcome to your Father’s Day weekend!  The U.S. Open is in full swing out at Chambers Bay and dads you can catch that here.  Now to some interesting articles, blogs, and videos from the past week…

The Southern Baptist Convention met in Columbus Ohio and issued a resolution on same-sex marriage. 

Donald Trump announced his campaign for President, and in order to gin up enthusiasm he decided to pay actors $50 to clap for him…no, seriously!  And apparently, he really loves the word “great”!

The creepiest story I didn’t get a chance to finish was on how the Mormons are compiling an extremely extensive genealogical database (ostensively so they can make sure parishioners are accurately performing baptisms for long since decayed relatives).

A heartbreakingly revolting story from the New York Times re: an 18 year old transgender boy now a “girl” who underwent surgery and the controversy surrounding these surgeries for adolescents who may regret them later – in fact, this boy already regretted it but had plenty of therapy lined up to convince him it was a good idea. Interestingly, like Jenner, this guy is also still attracted to females…….This is a growing issue though, and we’re going to see more an more stories like this because 1. the liberal media loves perversion and 2. because perversion is becoming more and more prevalent.

Absolutely amazing how badly Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going thus far. New research out shows that a majority of voters in three swing states say she isn’t trustworthy. What would lead them to think that???

Speaking of HRC, here’s some bathroom reading for you – best to read in the W.C. since its sure to turn your stomach in disgust…

And, for a laugh, this dude parodies the many bandwagon gluten-free fans out there these days (h/t Kat B. and my Kate)

Serious food for thought: should you let your kids play sports on Sundays?  I don’t know I’m 100% there with Mark Jones on this, but this is something that definitely needs discussed. Coaches these days have no regard for that sacred time and that means parents need to grow some backbone and help shepherd their kids by setting an example of right priorities. This isn’t an isolated case either. There are myriads of families who simply elevate sports above worship, and I really can’t think of a single good reason for it. I can totally see some afternoon sports, but in my view, if you can’t carve out that AM time to worship your maker once a week, then you have some serious parental (and spiritual) examination to do.

This past week saw the passing of Elizabeth Elliot. John Piper has a nice tribute to her impact. 

And the Cavs lost the NBA finals…or maybe it was the Warriors who won the finals. Either way a team known to have the best defense in the league was the team that prevailed. Ya. Go figure!  And hey, while you’re at it, check out this Newsweek story about how lazy NBA refs have gotten about not calling the Traveling violation (h/t Dave Clementson)

If you like great cars, you won’t be able to resist this bit of click bait re: the new BMW i8.

Really interesting story from Politico about how the Pentagon is using YouTube to digitally hold the Russians to account.

Another interesting pair of articles, but on completely different topics. The first is from the Gospel Coalition. They ask: What is up with the Witch of Endor? (from 1 Samuel).  The second is from John Piper who answers the question: Can a Woman Preach if Elders Affirm it?

Finally, if you’re looking for a summer book to read, Tim Challies has some variety for you to check out. 

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend!



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