Weekend Reading: July 24, 2015

Welcome to the weekend – and a weekly recap of the best blogs, videos, and stories that I read and enjoyed. Since many of you aren’t immersed in the world of politics, news and theology, hopefully this serves as a helpful summary:

Let’s start on the President. Here in Ohio John Kasich announced his bid for president. The Wall Street Journal Editorial is here. While he was doing this, the Donald was giving out Lindsay Graham’s cell phone to a crowd of raucous supporters. The follow up interview with Anderson Cooper is the stuff SNL cast members long for. Hilarious cover on the New Yorker aptly sets the scene – not that I actually read the story…after all, it is the New Yorker!

Another big topic in the news is this deal with Iran that John “flip flop” Kerry negotiated (not sure if there’s a more accurate adjective for his effort…). Kerry was on the Hill getting absolutely grilled by GOP senators this week. Some Senators said Kerry walked out of Iran like a guest leaving a hotel with nothing but his bathrobe! Here’s the AIPAC overview of the (terrible) deal. Even the Daily Beast is saying its a “win win win” for Iran. Mitt Romney has a brutal op-ed in the WSJ on the thing.

You’ve heard about the planned parenthood fiasco, well it looks like CNN eventually reported on the matter. 

I love Gifs, don’t you?  I guess so does John Boehner?

I told you last week about the new documentary re: Martyn Lloyd Jones – well now it’s on sale (good thing too, it was ridiculously expensive, I mean $40 for a dvd???)

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse (or better depending on your party affiliation) for Hillary Clinton, there’s more email issues. That whole pesky classified communications and personal email thing is still dogging her precious presidential campaign. Funny thing is that the NYTimes actually softened both the story and the headline after HRC campaign flacks moaned and groaned – I know, you’re shocked.

Tim Challies posted some video of lightening at a really slow exposure rate (at least I think that’s what’s going on here). After the nasty lightening storm we dealt with in Dublin last week this one appealed to me.

Interesting perspective on how millenials need a “bigger God” and not a “hipper pastor” when they go to church.  Lots of truth in here. (h/t Tracy L)

It seems like every day I am reading about how drones are being used to do new things…even if not terribly efficiently. This week saw the first monitored government red-tape approved drone delivery flight. 

There’s a cool(?) new service that chefs around the world are providing for adventurous eaters. It’s called ‘Eat With’…check it out! (h/t my Kate)

Maybe you’ve been hearing about all the shark attacks along the atlantic shore? Well, with a vacation to the Carolina coast in the foreseeable future, this has been on my radar. However, concern has completely melted away now that Parris P. has located the perfect solution…

Best blog of the week: From Nathan Shurden for Ligonier. on simply tips to get started talking to your kids about sexuality. He especially takes into account the SCOTUS decision’s after affects, and how to get conversation going in the right direction.  (h/t my Kate)

Speaking of stuff from Ligonier, this week marked 50 years of ministry for R.C. Sproul, and Kate pointed out that there’s a new website to celebrate. 

How many of you have gone to church only to find that the music is just, well, not very well done. Like a bad 90’s mix tape, songs don’t flow well, keys aren’t singable, and music quality is just, well, lacking. Ya I thought so…well Challies re-posted an excellent starting point for those of you are are serving in this area. While some of this is admittedly above my head, there are many great points here that even this neophyte music lover could appreciate.

The Hill had a story about Edward Snowden this week – well, more about what Fmr. US Senator Saxby Chambliss said about him, “We need to hang him on the courthouse square as soon was we get our hands on him.”

That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend!



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