Weekend Reading: July 31, 2015

Welcome to your weekend – and an early edition of the Weekend Reading! So what were the most interesting articles, blogs, and videos of the week?

Let’s start with Iran – my friend Uri has written a very good column in the Times of Israel on the matter and I’d encourage you to take a look. I appreciate his

Next, the Blog Post of the Week: 9 Reasons Discerning Women are Leaving Your Church. (h/t the multiple people who sent this to me this week). Best line of the blog, “Discerning women who see unbiblical things happening in their churches and stand up for what God’s word says about biblical ecclesiology and teaching are often villified (sic) and labeled as troublemakers. We are called haters, threats to unity, complainers, gossips, negative, and a myriad of other scornful names. All this for wanting things done according to Scripture. Can you blame us for shaking the dust off our high heels and leaving?”

Next up: The (rightful) outrage continues over revelations that Planned Parenthood has been selling pieces of the children they killed for a profit. Erik Erikson’s short column here. Also, you should take a few minutes and read about Margaret Sanger, the inspiration and founder of PP. There’s a piece by the Daily Signal that will absolutely astound you, and bring things into sharper focus for why it is these people believe what they believe. They also have a post on how major companies are backing away from the group. 

Two interesting stories about Drones this week (one of my favorite topics these days). Both articles are from the Wall Street Journal. The first details how with the proliferation of these flying machines, there’s an increasing need to be able to shoot them down, and the second talks about Amazon’s increasingly aggressive plans to use them in the future. 

While I’m on the WSJ, there were three other interesting articles from the past week. First, one on how 3-D printers are making Hollywood nervous, second one on video game coaches...I’m not kidding. Lastly, one on how Microsoft has finally come out with a decent operating system (apparently it even works on Macs).

Props to my buddy Ryan Johnson for sending along this interesting piece on ‘Hipster Christianity’ from the Post. Best quote, “Christianity’s true relevance lies not in the gospel’s comfortable trendiness but in its uncomfortable transcendence, as a truth with the power to rebuff, renew and restore wayward humanity as every epoch in history.”

And do you want to watch something super uncomfortable? I thought so…just check out what someone posted on FB this week re: Root Canals! 

Weird story in Politico this week about how influential Jon Stewart has been over at Comedy Central. This is his final week or so in that position, but the libs in this story drool all over him.

Thanks to Tim Challies for two really interesting links this week. First, one on how fireflies light up – super-oxide, and the second is a repost of a local news report on Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain is the storage place for some of the most valuable stuff in the world. 

If you like storm photos (and who doesn’t, right?) check these pups out…wild! (h/t David Clementson).

This must be the week of funny videos. Two more coming at you. First, the now notorious NBC Trump interview…so…funny.  The second, from Marty G. is comedian Sebastian Maniscalo re: Chipotle (warning a few choice words here). Hilarious stuff.

Now for something more edifying. Donald Whitney has a new thing with Crossway called ‘Praying the Bible’ and there’s a few free videos they have done with examples of how to do this – super enriching stuff here. (h/t Derek Stone).

Hypocrisy Parade – Obama galavants off to Kenya, and lectures them on how they need to be accepting of Gay people and rid their government of corruption. (h/t David C.)

That’s it!  Now go enjoy your final few hours before the weekend, and flag this email for reading over coffee tomorrow morning!



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