Weekend Reading: December 12, 2015

Good morning!  Today’s weekend reading will be an abbreviated version with just the crème de la crème of what I read this week. Here goes…

Really cool website where kids can learn the fundamentals of coding using Star Wars characters for practice. I’m not that much of a geek, but I think it could be a really neat exercise for your kids.

This is creepy – either our watch list is messed up, or we have something funky going on over at DHS (or both).

Never seen Star Wars eh? Don’t be that guy…(h/t Parris) I seriously died laughing when I saw this!

Important story that didn’t get a lot of coverage: Justice turns a mine accident into a crime but loses on its biggest charges

Liberty President Urges Students to Arm Themselves (h/t Rod K.)

Ex-Guantanamo detainee now an al Qaeda leader in Yemen (need I say more?)

Challies issued a 2016 reading challenge…I’m not sure I could do 100 next year, but that is on the bucket list!

Speaking of reading, here are the books I just completed that you might find worth checking out: Flashboys (has profanity, yet fascinating), The Aviators (great stories, hit or miss on the writing style though), Talk Like Ted (arrogantly written, but some good tips worth scanning, but not worth buying into every bit of “science” cited), Star Wars Aftermath (if you have the patience for manifold interludes, then you’ll enjoy), The Princess and the Goblin (kids classic, hilarious at parts and downright strange in others, but worth reading to them), Rescuing Ambition (a great read with some wise perspective, represents the best of what I’d term ‘christian living’ books). Ones I thought were just okay: Killing Patton, The Five Families, Fox Tossing.

That’s it! Enjoy your Saturday!




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