Weekend Reading: December 19, 2015

Welcome to the weekend!!!  Here’s a quick roundup of my favorite stories, blogs, videos and more from the week that was.

First off, this is Star Wars opening weekend and I got to see the ‘Force Awakens‘ with my daughter Chloe last night. I won’t post any spoilers here, but it looks like the film will break a lot of records. Here are some fan reactions from CNet (there ARE spoilers here).  All I will say is that our experience was really enjoyable, and that comparatively this may be the best Star Wars movie ever made – and that’s coming from someone who has been enjoying these movies since I was a kid. It left the prequels in the dust, corrected any of the problems that fans had with Ep.’s 1-3, took the best of Ep.’s 4-6 and enhanced the experience with better acting, well timed comedy, endearing new characters, and (of course) great fighting scenes.

There was another GOP debate this week, and I got to watch this one with my grandparents, in Portland, which was a lot of fun! In the days after the debate polling showed that Trump remained on top of the field. Politico has a rundown with the 13 biggest moments of the debate here. I enjoyed some parts of the debate – the parts I found most interesting were the exchanges on foreign policy between Sen. Rubio and Sen. Cruz – and the most annoying part of the debate for me was Gov. Christie bursting in with a dismissive word for ‘American viewers’ re: the Rubio/Cruz exchange. To him (and he supposed to us) these policy exchanges were just a bunch of boring Senate debate – In other words we had hit a moment in the debate where people were actually debating substance and Big Boy didn’t think Americans wanted to hear that. Overall I felt like it was an informative event though.

There’s some bad lip reading out...but not of the debate…(h/t Alex W.)

Kate told me she really enjoyed this new Rain for Roots album for Advent. I listened to some of it, and its worth checking out.

Maybe you caught this already, but the other night Jason Day and his wife were attending a Cavs game when LeBron James ‘plowed into her’.  She seems to be doing okay though. I was really impressed by James’ response, and frankly all parties public comms on this one were very dignified. Was trying to imagine what Tiger Woods would have said…(that would make a great Mad Lib wouldn’t it!?).

Speaking of Woods, apparently he’s making an effort to be human these days. According to a featurette I read in Time Magazine whilst I traveled to the left coast this week, he’s sounding pretty compassionate…almost…humble, actually.

Did you know: C.S. Lewis was a Secret Agent? (h/t Tim Challies)

Challies also posted a few articles about Circle, which I may have mentioned before. It looks very interesting and worthy of checking out. Circle is a device that sits in your home and governs the internet – protecting your family, and providing analytics, and even the ability to “pause” the internet for certain users. Interview with the founder here. Challies’ review here. It is worth scrolling through and reading what this can do and what they have coming up in the future – for $99, this is a worthy investment.

Speaking of Challies, he had an original post called ‘You Don’t Need a Date Night’ which was fantastic. I really agree with him on this one.

Now…a series of the best videos from the week…

Finally, I really enjoyed Joel Miller’s blog, ‘What we’re missing when it comes to nativity scenes‘ – I actually learned something new about nativity scenes in this one!, and appreciated his historical perspective.

That’s it! Have a great weekend!



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